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Am not arguing with anything in your paragraph except for the " but we have no choice !" Everyone has a choice, just depends on what choice you make...

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I have one, love it.

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You've been on this forum for about 8 years as a quad guy. Jesus H.....

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I'm sure he knew before anyone else because of his father in law.

Started new thread Welp. 10/10/2020 3:58 PM

Jett, J Mart, and Shimoda saying goodbye to geico honda on the podium. Almost brought a tear to my eye.

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Ok bud... We take AC and Prado and have them do supercross one weekend and outdoors one weekend and see who does what.

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Don't take this jamokes bait. Hes started too many threads being less than smart.....

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He doesn't have a flashy riding style but hes balls out 24/7. Not everyone can look like Sexton out there.

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You definitely can but have to be very careful. All moto shops tire machines are pretty much auto wheel machines with the different clamp setups

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Start on a klx 110 or equivalent and move from there.

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Yes, use Covid19 and they should be 90% off

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Hes got big bonus money to make, hell keep hammering down

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Gold pass...... edit: in a world that is moving to subscriptions, ditch your cable and subscribe to what you want.

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This is an interesting subject. Yes you are correct as all equipment is CAT but i believe its through a rental company or maybe CAT uses local rental companies to provide it. I do not ever see their logos or advertisements at supercross though. I work ... more »

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What we call that here is normal wear and tear.

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Bingo bango.... If you want to support the sport by all means buy these products but don't discount that there are better products on the shelves of many retailers in the US. If you want to buy the best electrolyte supplement its EFS (electrolyte fuel ... more »

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If you have a KTM, buy a kit like me and try them all out and you'll figure it out.

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You can walk into your local vitamin shoppe or GNC and get better or same stuff.

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If i could own both (and many on here actually do) I would. I ride more woods than track but both are equally as fun to ride in their own ways. 4 stroke on the track any day if you want to clear a jump with ease.