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Food for thought: Why do folks just assume a team invests in a rider solely based on on the idea of them selling bikes? Some in this thread have said "does anyone actually buy a bike bc ____ rides the brand?" What about the other 50 parts/apparel/etc ... more »

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I know what you are saying, however, I feel this is a different case. Like them or not the Deegans have the most popular youtube page in moto and get more social interaction (between Brian and Haiden) than any pro rider...KTM got more out of his years ... more »

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I just moved from Franklin to Old Hickory. Cool to see someone else from the area. Not many of us around.

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Middle TN here, used bike prices are still insane but I have noticed that they aren't necessarily selling quick either. I will see someone post the same overpriced bike multiple times. If anyone here is apart of the "MX yard sale" page on FB, that page ... more »

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Can't believe it went this far without the inaugural vital welcome.

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Same for me. I found it incredibly childish that he was defending blatantly posting bullshit click bait titles and talking about completely made up and fake topics, such as the kawi/tomac/parts spectacle. Are you 5 years old? Like what sort of "entertainment" ... more »

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Personally, I have been taking the maximum "Reccomeneded" daily dosage of Creatine (5G) for a long time, I also consume Beta Alanine through the use of pre workout on a daily basis as well. I can say on the creatine, it doesn't do anything (good or bad) ... more »

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I never understand this take. Of all the injured riders right now, can you please indicate which ones got injured on a jump at a national? Most of these crashes happen in a straightway, rollers, going into corner, etc. I guarantee (other than a select ... more »

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Mini Warriors 3, 4, or Steel roots 1. Runner up: Grommageddon

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Ironman LL regional 2014, the faces of the jumps were tilled like 6 inches deep, some of the jumps had footpeg deep ruts going off them with kickers in the ruts. It was gnarly. Felt like every moto I watched had a really bad crash. I signed up for 3 ... more »

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I rode a buddies 2013 (or 14?) back in 2014 and at the time thought exactly what you described about the bike. Tall, kind of straight up and down, kind of hard to turn. I am pretty sure the 12 is the same frame/ergos. I don't think that was a great generation ... more »

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wow. This has to be one of the worst takes I have ever seen on here lmao. Do you realize that he is not a weekend warrior and probably rides more in a month than you have in the last 5 years? He has prolly kick started that bike at least 400 times in ... more »

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People saying the leap makes little to no time have never been to red bud. It makes a huge difference. If the inside is nice and you scrub the piss out of the double single its less but go back and watch Jmart vs Masterpool when Ty was hitting it every ... more »

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Go ahead and delete your profile now and prevent yourself from spending hundreds on high blood pressure medication in the future.

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Free Big Lenny.

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The dude is just hard to listen to, seriously. Like, when you have to take a 30 min segment of your 1.5 hr podcast to ONLY reply to people who are "talking shit", dont you think something might not be going well? Hes like "people are just so negative ... more »

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This is what I was thinking as well. I started heavily racing in the early-mid 2000's and the gates were full for every local race. 2003-2006 seemed like the peak, at least for my lifetime. Moto seemed much more mainstream in general back then as well. ... more »

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Yep, my current CC was 0% for 24 mos. $7500 limit. 755 credit score. I thought about financing a portion of my truck using this but the savings weren't enough for me to deal with the hassle.

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Thank you. There are so many misconceptions about how "write-offs" are actually applied. Everyone seems to think if you are a sole proprietor or have an LLC you can just "write off" expenses and its free money lol. This is only going to reduce your taxable ... more »

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Most of you bitching need to go back and restart the episode to listen to Matthes explain his vision for the pulp show when he started it. It is supposed to be comedic and not as serious as the other shows. Personally, I enjoyed this episode far more ... more »