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For what it’s worth you lost me in the beginning, but that was pretty funny

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I must have missed the original thread where this became a running joke. Anyone care to elaborate? It comes up often and always gets a decent amount of thumbs up, so I am guessing it’s origins are smiliar to “might have a pizza, might take a nap”

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Can you rewrite that? I’m not trolling nor trying be a dick, but “when RCH to Phoenix” isn’t clicking in my brain

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Go ahead and spill

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Having a factory rider show up to a track in the middle of nowhere very well may drive up entries to said track on that particular day, but not in SoCal. Especially not at a SoCal track that has a track SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR PROS. No one is above paying ... more »

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Best of luck in 2020 Garrett

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Honestly I couldn’t feel more opposite about it. Last year when Tomac went 3/3, it was a snore....yea ET3 chasing savatgy for the last Moto was rad, but that was it.... This year, 3 Moto winners, 3 people going in tied with 4 points for the last race. ... more »

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Hansen has had that nose down ability as far back as I can remember.... First time I ever saw Hanny ride was 01-02 world minis when he was on his 125. When he would hit his back brake it looked like he was going to endo every time, but he always landed ... more »

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I don’t know where you got this, but if you got more, keep em coming!

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I’m fairly confident you can buy em on site, but it’s been years since I’ve been there so don’t bank anything I’m my shit memory

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Maybe I’m not punk enough, but I have never, nor will ever, understand the middle fingers these guys toss every chance they get. Camera: middle finger GoPro: middle finger Punk show: middle finger InstaBanger: middle finger I like Raha. Kid crushes on ... more »

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I was seriously curious about where this was going until I realized this thread is damn near about to have its 4th birthday.... Awesome video though, and hey, a win is a win. Muddy, dry, whatever.....wherever that guy is now, he will forever be a 250SX ... more »

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It was never gonna happen. Years ago when I was still in the industry, I asked my VP if he thought it would ever happen, and he laughed before telling me the following: One of his oldest friends from grade school was (and still is) one of the marketing ... more »

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Don’t. You work Monday through Friday, and make good money for your area...what more do you want? You can take junior to baseball Saturday and sundays, plus be at all his practices through the week. Working at a dealership, you’re working weekends, your ... more »

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Is Courtney the girl years ago that came over to the states and was clearly fastest but kept going down/getting hurt? If so, what an amazing rebound and a true leader of not giving up! If not, congrats just the same. She was hauling!

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Roczen won a title in 2016....I don’t know what kinda math you do, but that ain’t 10 years ago

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Because even at the highest levels, we are still just a bunch of dudes that like cold beer and dirt bikes. Congrats to them both

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Agreed. With all the bullshit gibby clips, I am shocked this dickhead can still get on here.

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Went down in an off camber, looks like he was pointed backwards....instead of doing a tight 180 to get going the right direction, he rode backwards on the track and accidentally took out Ferrandis. The description makes it sound worse than it was, but ... more »

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And ends with?