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Damn, what a thread. As with many others, never met him, but always enjoyed his input on here, and remember the chills I got years ago reading his story of the fateful accident day. Was always the nicest fella on the board. Such a difficult world we ... more »

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Awesome stuff. Sitting at home with Covid in 2022 and now wanting to go and buy a heap of Ti for my bike... sickest XR250 on earth I would say?

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What Brian has done is awesome, in my opinion. A lot has changed from the early 2000's to now.

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Man, its a real laundry list of go-go-juice he's been using and selling over the years. It's only the stuff he got caught with too.. can't imagine thats the entire lot. He obviously knows he's guilty as... just copping it on the chin. Ah well, he was ... more »

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Not sure I've seen it anywhere.. but Luke Clout (fellow Aussie) seemed to cop some flak from the internet racers when his first round was garbage. Almost a top 5 over the weekend! Bloody ripper effort. Hopefully we can get Jett and Luke on the podium ... more »

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Sick bike, but needs a works pipe

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I found myself watching each race a day late on Monday Morning at work on Dailymotion before it would get pulled down around Wednesday ... not too bad. Uppa Boiz!!

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The thought was that a 250f, the current entry level race bike, is way more expensive than a 125 back then. Yes, you can get a YZ125 for $1000 more than the increase from inflation, but that isn’t a bike you can race competitively in a 250 class. We either need the 125 class to make a comeback, or another affordable option for kids to...more

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I got second overall behind Luke Styke at the 2009 Nowra King of the Bush Enduro Series. Safe to say his riding has eclipsed mine... Go Aussies!!

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Never owned a modern 250F or 450F MXer. Just didn't see the need. I was never going to be pro.. Its winter here in Aus, time to get the trusty 06 300 out of its winter slumber and ready for Spring days and warm nights.

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His first race was Spring Creek where he got 30th or so, got owned. He came back and got the Podium at Steel City a few weeks later though. Pretty bad ass.

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The wallabies tore up the New Zealand All Blacks in the Rugby on Saturday night so it actually was bloody awesome watching that! I was in the Sand dunes Saturday evening up at Stockton Beach NSW with some mates 4x4ing, man, the wind was insane. Can only ... more »

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On this thread here, down the page theres a guy who threw a 380 into a 2011+ frame. Pretty badass.,20/KTM-SX-380-1999-2006,1245939

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My dearly depared late Dad has one of these. 2002 Model (although 91 and up they didnt change. Fair few goodies, looks the business and lots of guys ask if its a 450. This 'New' 2020 model has the same engine, basically same suspension capability, and

... more »
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Stand Ups on a lake can get boring, best to take them into the surf. I guess its lucky that 85% of Australia's population is based within 30 miles of the coast, so theres plenty of sick spots to take them. I had a 98 SXi Pro with Mod B Pipe, custom foot

... more »
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Love the bike man. But for me, and this is just me, the dead stock 2003 CR250 Graphics are one of the nicest looking stock graphics ever. I'd say up there with the 04 YZ250 and 97 CR250. They look so pretty, I'd try to make it look like she just rolled ... more »

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Mate this is so f***ing nice. Absolute Porn. Go for the 04 US Open Bike!!!

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Didnt Bad Brad Lackey spend a fair bit of time as a young 17 yo (or similar age) behind the Iron Curtain when he got his first sponsored ride? What an incredible experience for such a young guy especially back then.

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Fark . Awesome news but Perth??? Surely that's cheaper for the teams but man, we all better get some buses hired from the East Coast to cruise across the nullabor!

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Hell yeah man. How did the 3D printed subframe mount go?