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Hi Guys!

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Nothing like a good Internet meltdown to kick off the day.....

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Jullien Assange should be given the death penalty if for no other reason than he looks like Bill Maher.

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It's 183 pages but well worth downloading/reading. It astounds me just how wrong the initial reporting was (and still is) regarding this case.

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500 fights, that's the number I figured when I was a kid. 500 street fights and you could consider yourself a legitimate tough guy. You need them for experience. To develop leather skin. So I got started. Of course along the way you stop thinking about ... more »

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I'm just posting so my Avatar can be next to Jonon's Avatar.........but thanks for the old news

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I think Lumpy should change his name to Eddie Haskell

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you sound like some sort of hippie lunatic

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Maybe he is sick of all the Liberal pussies around here whining about shit that doesn't concern them.

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It's not even noon in Cali and Bourbon M is already hitting the sauce.......

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You dumbfucks bitch and moan about somebody who has absolutely no power over you whatsoever (Santorum) and yet are perfectly fine with the Communist in the White House who circumvents the Constitution on a daily basis. That old saying about "you get ... more »

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So let me get this straight..... JFS who is some dude from Sweden, quotes a poll he found on the internet from "Public Policy Polling" which is run by a well known, far Left Democratic activist , and actually believes it? I think that says more about ... more »

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So Peter Pan can take children and form a child army, but when a BLACK MAN DOES IT!! NOOOOOO......

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Kate Upton in the Hardees/Carl's Jr. Commercial causes all kinds of commotion in my trousers. The chick at the racetrack in the Kia commercials is pretty damn hot also.

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Why do you hate Boobs? P.S. I LOVE YOU! (no homo)

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The difference is that the government does not force private insurers to cover them.

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One of the few things I agree with that POS Holder on.

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You are driving a FIAT. You might as well get a scarf and one of those totes hats that snobby college professors wear so you can look the part while putting around town.