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To be fair the only thing that screwed him is his inability to consistently start near the front.

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Damn if I didn't know better I'd think Jett is much older than 16 based on that post. Very mature out look for someone of his age and situation.

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I could see the Monster deal happening. I would assume part of the loyalty to Red Bull was their loyalty to him. Obviously they no longer work together which I would assume is a Red Bull decision so he has no one to really be loyal to now. Who knows ... more »

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Do they have any fans?

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Exactly, this fight was an easy stylistic matchup to get Conor back in the winners column against someone who is relatively known. I can’t deny that he looked good for the short amount of time he was in there but beating Cowboy (who is 4-6 in his last ... more »

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I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure Kawi has said it’s nothing to worry about.

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Fight was made for Conor to win. Not saying it was fixed or anything (like some idiots have) but stylistically Cowboy isn’t much of a challenge to Conor unless it went to the ground. I’ll continue to laugh at Conor’s extremely delusional fan base while ... more »

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Kind of unrelated but the picture above made me think of it but DBO easily has some of the worst opinions I think I've ever heard when it comes to this sport. I don't even care much for Forkner but wow that guy is a clown.

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Wonder if they made some changes to the bike or is it just one of those nights he was feeling it? Only reason I think they may have made some setup changes is because he looked like a completely different rider than he did at the first two rounds.

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Yep, think this is the picture you were referring to. If you look closely he has his foot hooked under the foot peg. I believe Eli was asked about it and he said he doesn't even realize he does it.

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I think most people just want to see the racing they paid to watch. We’re not interested in seeing a crash from three years ago or a riders wife’s reaction to a win. Just my opinion.

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Even if you're not a fan of the guy (not sure how you wouldn't be a fan) you have to be happy for him. The guy went through hell and back twice and hasn't exactly had an easy road even after the second arm injury. Congratulations to Kenny and his family/team. ... more »

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If it was Tomac that fell on the last lap giving someone else a position would you also claim it’s luck? I’m guessing not. Three straight outdoor titles seems pretty great to me, you should pay attention some time.

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Unless it has changed for this year you should be able to have multiple devices logged into one account. I gave my log in to a few friends last year and they were all able to watch while I was.

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Yes and he also had Red Bull as a sponsor

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I was wondering where old Loots was as well. I figured he got banned after creating a Facebook account to make fun of another Vital user

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Should he have been benched, though? It's not like they made a special exception for him. According to WADA's rules, as I understand them, certain substances will not result in an immediate suspension as Christian states in his instagram post. Also a ... more »

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If we’re going to talk about people not doing their jobs surely there is a conversation to be had about WADA taking ten months to simply notify Christian of a failed test and nearly a year from that day still not have any sort of resolution.

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Wasn’t that the year before? He came in injured on the Husky, if I remember correctly he had a full off season with JGR last year.

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You know they will be, as much as some of them hate to admit it.