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I don’t ride anymore and when used to I was the definition of a squid. I got into mx thanks to the old series The Moto: Inside the Outdoors when it was on fuel tv

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During the practice stream Brock Glover mentioned a “legendary” oak tree at Hangtown, I was just wondering if anyone knew of the history of this old tree lol. I know of the classic apple tree turn at Unadilla which has been rerouted over the years.

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Place looks gorgeous that time of year

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I’ve never listened to his WWE announcing but he is an epic hype man, would be insane. I’m honestly not sure if the money would be there for him via Feld, I think his company just signed for $35 mill through Fan Duel for like 4 years

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I don’t know how many listen to sports talk, but he gave a quick little “shaht aht” to Travis Pastrana + Nitro Circuis on todays show. Aj Hawk (all time leading tackler of the GB Packers) said he’d love to attend one of the events. Pretty cool mainstream ... more »

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“I plan on putting down the hammer at A1 next year”, sounds good to me. It’s pretty cool to see Brian Deegan come full circle, leaving with middle fingers up and coming back with a prodigy son

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This was an awesome watch, Tomac really stays out of the spotlight, must watch imo. It’s insane how alike Tomac and his father looked around their mid 20s. It’s a shame TGO/Red Bull Mx Nation never got to do a real part with the Tomacs while he was on ... more »

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There are quiet a few episodes in full on youtube (I know that doesn’t help much if you are looking to buy), Troy does such good voiceovers

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Absolutely can’t wait to get some more of this, the moto industry is starving for some JS. I thought it was interesting hearing how he always dealt with yearly sickness around A2 time and how it made him a bit of a germaphobe. It seems like he is still ... more »

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That’s literally what the guy said idk why people thumbs down lol (Not a knock on the GP folks), only a select few humans practice the skill of blitizng supercross ruts, it should be pretty obvious MXGP motocross racers aren't among them. In order to ... more »

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This is probably a thread worth bumping

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Lol I never meant Aldon is better than John T or vise versa i’d just be interesting to see how that combo worked together.

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Eli and Aldon would be a really interesting match (completely hypothetical of course)

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I almost didn’t recognize Weimer’s voice for a second, I fast forwarded through the ad break and thought Steve had somebodies agent on for some reason. Sounds like Weimer is in a good spot in life, I’ve never heard him sound so light and happy, good ... more »

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I was at the 50th anniversary of Unadilla in ‘19 and I’m happy to say I got to see Roger Decoster ride a dirt bike/parade lap for opening ceremonies (along with other legends) but he’s the only one I remember. So a historical day for me and the facility ... more »

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I like Keefer except for all the horndog shit he says (like we get it you like sex welcome to the human race) but darkside is unbearable to listen to and had literally nothing worthwhile to add to the show. I’m sure he’s not a bad dude irl but holy fuck ... more »

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This ridiculousness was posted to the Unadilla instagram, these are screen shots but there is actual video on their account. Does anyone have the scoop on this? I’ve heard of crazy shit happening there but nothing like a snowmobile

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JS went undefeated in ‘08 on 450s (he also may have been more machine than man). Hope moto gets another one. Not to pile on Jett but Stewart literally skipped the Pro Circuit stage of his career and rode out of the factory kawi tent from the very beginning

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