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Riders I’d sign before barcia: Tomac, Webb, Roczen, AC, ferrandis, mcelrath, j mart, musquin, Anderson, zacko, Wilson, baggett, mookie, brayton, forkner, Hampshire, mosiman, tickle, savatgy, sexton, lawrences, plessinger, cooper, and maybe even Marty ... more »

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I was at dilla last Saturday and they already confirmed no amateur days(which is usually one of the biggest am races in the northeast) and the National would happen towards the end of the schedule if it happens. I’d guess late make up ... more »

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Definitely no, drop round screwed me so bad last year ended up 22 in SX for the series, but my round that got dropped wasn’t as bad as the guys in front of me so I would have been top 20 without it

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A lot of rynos philosophies seem like they stem from talks by Terrence McKenna, who may have been the greatest thinker our world has ever seen. Now Ryno definitely has a much different way of expressing his ideas than McKenna, but I totally understand ... more »

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A few years ago on Unadilla amateur day, I woke up and ate about 4 grams of dried magic mushrooms just before practice. About an hour later was the first moto of 250A and goin to the line I was feelin pretty wavy, just found myself smiling and laughing

... more »
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Switched to UFO last year and I’ll never go back to any of the regular US mainstream brands again

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You’d think so but I swear those ktms hold about half the fuel capacity as the jap bikes. Went on a trail ride with my buddy on his RM, by the end of the ride we had to find an old empty bottle to drain some of his gas out so I could make it back....and ... more »

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2015 sx250....others didn’t seem to have as many issues but wow every time I came off the track it seemed like something was broken/blowing up/hanging off. Blew up after just a few rides apparently because of being too lean (what the dealership claimed)but ... more »

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Rode 4 days in a row for 2 straight weeks mostly in sand pits now!fuck it there’s no public tracks in CT anyways so there was nothing to close lol

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I think seewer is going to step into that group just below Herlings and gasjer

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Well AC crashed out, zacho started last and Baggett dns. Mcelrath and Ferrandis are ready to move up and they’re not complete dickheads so yeh I still stand by what I said

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He’s slowly coming undone as the season progresses, I’d be willing to bet his factory ride is gone after this year

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Definitely gotta add the tindy into my runs!!we finally got a few storms north of me in VT honestly had one of the most epic powder days of my life at smugglers notch last week...this year I’ve been riding a Lobster Sender which is great for big jumps,

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My money is on smith, last year he wasn’t too far off of Forkner before he got hurt. everyone else is too inconsistent. The only time I’ve seen Jordan be inconsistent is because of injuries which obviously could happen again, but assuming they’re all ... more »

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There is definitely an art to ramp riding, I look at it like a super sketchy rut, gotta use proper technique. these days I have a little s10 so it’s easy but back in the day I used to take my dads big red dump truck where the tailgate was at least 5 ... more »

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Definitely sucks he’s not there, but it could be good for him to have all the focus on outdoors for the first time in a long time

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This is in the same area where Mototown USA used to be, the old badass indoor moto and flat track, place was absolutely incredible...then the roof collapsed from snow, so they decided to just rebuild the track outside the building. Well it only lasted ... more »

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How’s the winter treating the vital shredders?here on the ice coast conditions have been basically shit since opening day, but we’re still out here making the best of it!!

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All I know is twice this season I’ve seen a white ktm fall in a corner and then be unable to finish the race because of broken parts lol