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For whatever reason seewer has my favorite riding style of the current pros, he does whips and scrubs that blow my mind almost every moto. How about his whip after winning moto 1 at the last race?

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Allllllllllmost got to watch every race for free this year...fuckers found our little streaming hole on twitch at the last Lommel, looks like they shut it down for good. If anyone else has a streaming link throw it up!!!otherwise it’s back to good ol

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Oh in practice the speeds were quite scary for sure! But by the time my first moto came around it was like a different track. They had 58 guys in open C With no qualifier, what a race lol

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I think if they moved the fence and used the hill that was completely cut out it would be epic! Southwick is my favorite track regardless of map/direction but it’s always good to switch things up I had a blast there this past weekend

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First full lap at 2:35. Kinda crazy layout they tried this past weekend obviously they would have to make a few more tweaks if they wanna incorporate this into a national layout change, but I thought it was pretty cool! By the end of the day with the ... more »

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A classes, I’ve been to 5 races in upstate NY this year and saw him pull a complete scumbag takeout where both riders went down at all 5 of them. Dude is fast but his elevator definitely doesn’t go to the top floor

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Same for me! I made sure I did the 100 attempts and unlock the gear each day, then when day 7 was over it says I’ve only done 3 days and now none of the gear is unlocked or the bike. And I didn’t play yesterday so I’m back to basically either ... more »

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Ok so I ride a 18 rmz450 and a 03 cr250 (A/expert). Hadn’t ridden a 250f since my slow 13 rmz250. I would like a new 250 so I can have a competitive race bike for that class I’m sick of riding just the Open and +25. I can get a sweet deal on my brothers ... more »

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For the first 3 rounds I was able to find a free live

no luck so far this time
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You guys are so high tech lol, I wash em in gas, put em in the shed to dry, dump the gas in a waste barrel that I drop off at the town garage. No water no soap no nothin just gas, air gun for faster drying, then regular pj1 air filter oil. Been racing ... more »

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Yeh I know I was a little sad when I got there and saw they had that and the big table top that jumps back into the woods after gravity cavity cut out, but I get it they had to think about the 65 85 and C riders as well. A lot of people ended up leaving ... more »

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Heres 3 videos from a wild weekend at Unadilla, never rode the pro track before and now I definitely have a new appreciation for just how gnarly that place is

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Riders I’d sign before barcia: Tomac, Webb, Roczen, AC, ferrandis, mcelrath, j mart, musquin, Anderson, zacko, Wilson, baggett, mookie, brayton, forkner, Hampshire, mosiman, tickle, savatgy, sexton, lawrences, plessinger, cooper, and maybe even Marty ... more »

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I was at dilla last Saturday and they already confirmed no amateur days(which is usually one of the biggest am races in the northeast) and the National would happen towards the end of the schedule if it happens. I’d guess late make up ... more »

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Definitely no, drop round screwed me so bad last year ended up 22 in SX for the series, but my round that got dropped wasn’t as bad as the guys in front of me so I would have been top 20 without it

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A lot of rynos philosophies seem like they stem from talks by Terrence McKenna, who may have been the greatest thinker our world has ever seen. Now Ryno definitely has a much different way of expressing his ideas than McKenna, but I totally understand ... more »

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A few years ago on Unadilla amateur day, I woke up and ate about 4 grams of dried magic mushrooms just before practice. About an hour later was the first moto of 250A and goin to the line I was feelin pretty wavy, just found myself smiling and laughing

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Switched to UFO last year and I’ll never go back to any of the regular US mainstream brands again

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You’d think so but I swear those ktms hold about half the fuel capacity as the jap bikes. Went on a trail ride with my buddy on his RM, by the end of the ride we had to find an old empty bottle to drain some of his gas out so I could make it back....and ... more »

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2015 sx250....others didn’t seem to have as many issues but wow every time I came off the track it seemed like something was broken/blowing up/hanging off. Blew up after just a few rides apparently because of being too lean (what the dealership claimed)but ... more »