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I have the exact opposite problem, my 12 year is 5’7” 150lbs and had to get him on a 125 because he was just too big for his 85/supermini.

When he was on 65's he actually had a really nice Cobra 65 and we had great luck ... more »
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I'm located in Canada so I'm not sure about pricing in the US, but in Canada the GasGas was $600 less than the Husky. I bought my son a 2021 MC125 and the savings was nice. Plus the color red just pops better than white IMO.

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The problem I could see if they did that and got rid of the West and East Coasts is there would be less rides available, 250 teams won't have 4 riders if they are having to race the same 17 rounds as the 450 teams

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At this point its a complete joke, I don't know why they don't just get rid of the point rule. If someone wants to race their entire career in the 250 class and teams are willing to hire them then why the hell now. It's not like all of these amateur ... more »

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Paul is a savage.

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I thought Wedge said in his Podcast with Zach that he's still with Aldon Baker but has just been riding at ClubMX?

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To me it looked like he was knocked out from the impact of slamming into the face of the jump, and he arms and body looked limp in slow motion when the bike then flipped over. His body being limp was probably the reason he wasn't hurt more because he ... more »

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I was looking at that new Troy Lee's Rockfight unit for my son, looks pretty good.

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Which would be ironic seeing as its probably one of the main reason the brand is big. If they weren't in motorsports they could have probably bought them for less money

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KTM/Husky/GasGas 125’s in my area are extremely hard to find at the dealership. The shop my son is sponsored by only received two Husky’s and they sold right away. They got one GasGas MC125 and they didn’t even know it was coming till it arrived and

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Man was that uncomfortable to listen

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Long road with Dungey? I don't understand your logic? Dungey won 250 races in his rookie year (not with KTM) and won a race his first year with KTM on a 450. I think there's zero chance Vohland wins a race with KTM this year in his rookie season. From ... more »

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Sadly a few years back Canadian DH Pro Stevie Smith lost his life from a moto accident. #longlivechainsaw

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That red/black and yellow kit looks pretty awesome, my kid is already hounding me about wanting

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My buddy owns a bicycle shop, and there is almost a global shortage of bikes in almost all price ranges and parts are so scarce. It’s absolutely crazy.

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I would say for sure that the Armega handles not fogging up allot better then Airbrakes. My son races arenacross which runs during the winter months, which can get pretty cold at in the night shows. I have Airbrakes and would let him use them as his ... more »

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It won’t be a shock if all of the June rounds are cancelled. Which will suck big time.

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I feel like the 08 recession is going to seem like a little speed bump compared to the mountain sized one that’s coming right now. I was about a week away from buying a new bike and I’m very thankful I didn’t buy it when I was going too.

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Yeah I can’t imagine sending an ambulance out to a track to pick up an injured ride because of a race with all this virus stuff going on would make them too happy. Personally I was excited thinking might have some time to ride with my son, and they quickly ... more »