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They are brand new bikes, only been on the Dyno... Brand new and race prepped by the MCR mechanics! Just add suspension & your bars etc and its ready for a national!!! Again, the torque this thing has is AMAZING! I see another reason MCR riders get ... more »

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We got ours a few weeks ago. Dealer told us the new spring should be in around the 10th of July! We aren't even starting ours until we get it fixed! So frame is out for powder coating while we wait!

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Still have a couple of these ready to go in time for Loretta's. Remember Honda still is paying contingency on this model! We did a couple of quick pulls on the dyno, the HP was impressive for the conditions but the torque was mind blowing. DM me or email ... more »

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Good luck Matt!!

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We use one and love it!

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Logan should be a shoe in for Star. He has been carrying the blue banner since 65's! Kid is FAST!!! He has been loyal to blue as well. He has a few more years before that jump I think. Been watching him since he was on 50's at JWTF passing big bikes ... more »

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Young man amazes me, always in A class gapping 450's!

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Also check out for an awesome new series that includes some of the states best tracks, truly a statewide series!

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My son has had several 6D's. Since becoming Fly dealers we switched the the Carbon. He just told me the other day mine as well sale his 6D's because he'd only wearing the Fly from now on. I think both are quality helmets and we are lucky to have great ... more »

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Here is a picture of the lug and the new style hydrostop. Totally different!

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We just had a 22 KTM 250 SX we did a spring conversion on, it had the 19-20 lugs on it! Had to switch the hydro stops!

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Haters gonna hate! Who else in the last 6 years won 2 250 SX titles, an Outdoor 250 title, and 2 450 SX Titles? No one, Tomac is the only one I'd say has done better and you can argue that. Who was the last dominant rider to come out of the 250's and ... more »

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We insert round circles or oval cuts in our tank graphics to help offset the problem. It doesn't cure it but it does seem to last longer.

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It is very soft but I wouldn't call it bad, with the correct springs it is actually pretty good.

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Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!

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How in the heck can you question Webbs TWO championships and not Andersons ONE? Everyone was hurt in 18, memories are short around here....

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I don't mind paying to watch what I love. Just would have been cool to know this before paying for Peacock for a full year at the beginning of SX. I would have just paid for the Jan-May.... Thanks for what you do DC, can't please everyone!

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How is it any different from what Anderson did to KROC at A2?

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He's enjoying riding again IMO. Add the clutch cable to the power of the Yamaha and it fits his riding style. Think how many good starts Chiz gets on the stock bike!

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I was hoping he'd pull it out as well. I think he will get one before he year is out!