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Dam this is a great lineup. Wish I could make the trip. I hope zach does some podcasts down there and we get a solid couple Team Fried videos when Zacho suckers Anderson into goin down early. Coopers a good pick for 250

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Not much to say other than try it out. Worst thing that can happen is you sell the 150 and get another 250f. I am a fan of 150s but to do big jumps you really have to have corner speed. If you are a Novice C/D rider then it wont make a difference. Try ... more »

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Anyone see the pics of Roczen and Sexton hoppin off their bikes and switching? Saw on Instagram the series of clips. I guess it was on press day. I assume they do it at the practice track but didnt think they'd bust it at the races

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That's small shit get over it

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Goes 1 - 1 today lol

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Lol I heard that part too and all I was waiting for was someone to say KTM has an external adjuster and everything for a long time. Cant believe those guys didnt know or pop into their heads

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I'm pretty sure a sprint enduro is held ona golf course

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Who doesnt like Daytona. Its always been a dream of mine to go, will probably have the chance in the next few years finally.

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I felt Stew left me saying "jesus fu k" And Herlings is more of a "dam that was good" Stew was just a bit more vulgar with his speed Haha. Dont forget he has great technique he ain't just a pin it dude

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Honestly I would try to get a deal from a dealership on a yz65 and a yz250x 2 stroke or a yz250fx. I am 29 years old @ 265lbs and ride a 2013 ktm 250sx and I love it. Fully converted it to offroad (left engine stock minus a flywheelweight). ANYWAYS, ... more »

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I think Jordan Jarvis might end up surpassing Hodges but that's from the minimal knowledge I know. Either or they both RIP

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I had both and think the xbox controller is a better controller for shooting and racing games. The triggers feel more like a gun trigger in shooters or a throttle in racing games. Plus the thumbsticks I feel are more ergonomic. Ps4 is great for RPG style ... more »

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We need him now more than ever

(Brockmire TV show)
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Jesus I might have to fork out the cash and go to Assen this year forrrrrreaaallll

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I think THE best channel is HighSidedFilms. Group of friends. One is a past arena cross rider and Loretta Lynn racer and the main guys (the Riddle brothers) are GNCC/local XC races. More chill, less cheesy than a lot of these guys and they remind me ... more »

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Ya not sure with how this chain rumor started as it was easy to see it wasn't the chain. 90% sure his bike went into neutral by either his tip toe just grazed the shifter or the sheer force of a wild Mookie punishing whoops popped it out of gear itself. ... more »

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Dam near brought a tear to my eye. I am gutted we don't get to see Mookie out there but dam was my eyes glued to him. So happy I don't have to worry about what he has to come back to after his recovery, we need him out there!

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Didn't even know that nice! i got it working good

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i don't get what app you are using here in Canada? I have a fire tv box. I got the supercrosslive tv package and use the browser to login and it works great.

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Travis Pastrana for Prez