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If theres one thing that stuck out in my head as a kid almost more than the racing was the exciting commentary that went with it. Really drew me in, id binge watch reruns whenever I could and to this day i still try to work in a classic Hooolleleeshheeeeooooooottttt ... more »

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Ya and Red Bull TV app i think. I subscribed and watched the video and had to check vital if there was a post haha. Man if it wasn't 8pm and 8degrees here id go riding lol

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haha i haven't seen that one that is too funny. i had the same experience when i saw a video on instagram posted by a guy i think is in his circle. Anyways by his voice he sounds japanese aswell and he was saying Jo Shimoda in like the Bruce Buffer UFC ... more »

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i think i watched a video once before on the "ktm husky" youtube page. Yes i do believe his username is that generic haha. he modifies / makes stock ktms and huskys run better with little tips and tricks. Anyways the video im talking about he had a weight ... more »

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lol we had several drunk idiots start yelling that at us as we were walking thru the crowd. I mean, were showing support for Canada... but were also realistic where we think they are going to land. Low-key were rooting for the States aswell lol I just ... more »

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chill bro i thought it was a cool bit of info i didn't know till i just read his post. Stock engine on a track that was delivering abuse to all sorts of bikes and teams. Takeaway: you actually look like the bigger douche for taking the time to attempt ... more »

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I got a few cheers both days rippin thru the parking lot in a stock 03 black nissan pathfinder with winter tires on. Never even got close to being stuck and had the roost flying. lol I don't understand how some moto fans and riders are so terrible at ... more »

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on the drive home we were finishing last weeks podcast and it was so funny to hear Matthes completely discount Prado to the point we were laughing so hard. I love Matthes and got a chance to talk to him but man sometimes he has his strong point of view ... more »

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Lol ya some of the American fans were pretty douchey. One of the guys I came with is Chinese and as we were walking some drunk white guy in a Monster T-shirt called him a Ni66er. The other things were somewhat expected or tolerable but that was a bit ... more »

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hoping there will be t-shirts left over!!

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Yeah well be looking for a good spot. or will pitch beers or money if someones got a good setup at the track!

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Wow that sucks man. I really started paying attention to Canadian moto again in the Kaven Benoit on a 250 2 stroke and Jimmy Decotis year. Couple years ago i realized Dean Wilson rode and tried finding as many youtube videos of that haha. The JSR days ... more »

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Maybe he bought some Factory Editions as his privateer bike since he was used to the Husky? I didn't see the post but might be an idea

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Oh no of the 4 of us we have 1 guy who doesn't drink period so we got that covered

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Were coming into South Bend Friday and will be interested in partying down somewhere. Sat night we plan on being at the track as long as possible into the night so we don't miss anything haha.

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Hey you'll have a great time in Niagra. The Canadian side is awesome of course (huge bias here haha) Make sure to check out Fallsview Casino and Clifton Hill. There are a bunch of games, bars, casinos and other entertainment on that strip there. Its ... more »

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Were also interested in buying someone elses extra spot. Willing to pay above market value and/or beer

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Were coming from Toronto and staying in South Bend but wanted to watch the fight aswell. Let me know where we can find this big screen haha. I was going to bring my Amazon box nd we could watch in the Hotel if worst comes to worst. We were going to try ... more »

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Keep tonnes of plastic bags to wrap around ur shoes when you get in the car. Hit up a coin wash before you drop it off to blast the car down. Im not renting a car but those r two tips I use on my own vehicle

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Yeah my advice is to ditch the idea of a hauler on the Prius and just grab the lightest 4x8 trailer you can find. Ours is just simple plywood on frame w/ single axle. Can put 1 bike in the middle or 2 bikes which we currently have setup. Was being pulled ... more »