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Who doesnt like Daytona. Its always been a dream of mine to go, will probably have the chance in the next few years finally.

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I felt Stew left me saying "jesus fu k" And Herlings is more of a "dam that was good" Stew was just a bit more vulgar with his speed Haha. Dont forget he has great technique he ain't just a pin it dude

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Honestly I would try to get a deal from a dealership on a yz65 and a yz250x 2 stroke or a yz250fx. I am 29 years old @ 265lbs and ride a 2013 ktm 250sx and I love it. Fully converted it to offroad (left engine stock minus a flywheelweight). ANYWAYS, ... more »

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I think Jordan Jarvis might end up surpassing Hodges but that's from the minimal knowledge I know. Either or they both RIP

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I had both and think the xbox controller is a better controller for shooting and racing games. The triggers feel more like a gun trigger in shooters or a throttle in racing games. Plus the thumbsticks I feel are more ergonomic. Ps4 is great for RPG style ... more »

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We need him now more than ever

(Brockmire TV show)
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Jesus I might have to fork out the cash and go to Assen this year forrrrrreaaallll

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I think THE best channel is HighSidedFilms. Group of friends. One is a past arena cross rider and Loretta Lynn racer and the main guys (the Riddle brothers) are GNCC/local XC races. More chill, less cheesy than a lot of these guys and they remind me ... more »

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Ya not sure with how this chain rumor started as it was easy to see it wasn't the chain. 90% sure his bike went into neutral by either his tip toe just grazed the shifter or the sheer force of a wild Mookie punishing whoops popped it out of gear itself. ... more »

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Dam near brought a tear to my eye. I am gutted we don't get to see Mookie out there but dam was my eyes glued to him. So happy I don't have to worry about what he has to come back to after his recovery, we need him out there!

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Didn't even know that nice! i got it working good

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i don't get what app you are using here in Canada? I have a fire tv box. I got the supercrosslive tv package and use the browser to login and it works great.

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Travis Pastrana for Prez

Added reply in a thread How to reliably watch Monster Energy Supercross and the Monster Cup, live, if I cut the cord? 12/13/2018 6:44 PM

ive saved lots of money with an Amazon fire tv box ... prefer it over the fire stick. Theres 2 free apps Mobdro and LiveNetTV which i used last year to watch Fox Sports 1. I also had IPTV for 3 months in the summer. It allowed me to never miss a race ... more »

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i have a 2013 sx250. Im not a mx rider, more offload. After reading transworld or some article on it saying they only saw benefits I had to jump on it. i got the heavier steahly flywheel weight and really liked the difference. Especially throttle control/clutching ... more »

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Honestly I know J Hill is sick but when I saw him bout to whoop everybody ass i was still a bit shocked. If I see Mookie this year get a good start and its "that" track, kind of the same situation Hill was in.... I would be less surprised to see Malc ... more »

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lmao what in gods name was that BamBam? his whip in the first head to head over the finish line was dope af tho. Also why did Mookie pull off in that heat when he was behind Barcia anyone know?

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never heard of him till i saw this thread/video. I like his style! That takeout from Brown was hardcore but fuck it next time punt him into the stands! Look forward to seeing more from him

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I think for the guys to practice for 4 weeks i think only a couple teams would do it and it makes sense for the Husky/KTM guys I think Anderson, Osborne and *insert 250 rider might be a good combo

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I like Jo Shimodas style, smooth and technical in control. Looks like someone who won't get injured too much. If he can just unlock the WFO pace hell be really good and for years to come.