Added reply in a thread ZachO Coming To Race In Canada 8/1/2022 5:53 PM

looks like i just found something to do next Sunday

Added reply in a thread Bubba's World podcasts 7/30/2022 8:26 PM

Can we get one 30 minute moto from ya son?! i loved that part and how he said it lmao cracked me up. I will admit watching it on youtube does help it quite a bit. Fuck all the haters, yall can listen to JT talk about Plum Creek Funding then (i love JT$) ... more »

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im a canadian and kinda late to the party on this matter but is this the pedo trainer guy?

Added reply in a thread Hunter was pissed 6/20/2022 7:07 PM

This and only this. Being bitter and being on different teams because they are fighting I think is BS. After physically and mentally grinding that hard against someone none other than your bro of course youre going to need a minute. Absolute amazing ... more »

Added reply in a thread MavTV Plus - Its Over 6/12/2022 7:27 PM

Im not having any issues with the app and do like they are using more and more picture in picture. However, the quality is still terrible. When they switch to the drone footage it dam near looks 480p and the moto is normally max 720p. Im waiting for ... more »

Added reply in a thread New Team Fried vid - best so far 6/7/2022 1:42 PM

His outdoor videos were such a vibe. The variety showed me a lot of songs and bands I've never heard of and one night my dad was over at my place, we were chilling in my garage and I played a couple of the outdoor videos and didnt realise how immersed ... more »

Added reply in a thread Props to Mav TV today. ( Regular , not Mav + ). 6/4/2022 3:43 PM

Same i downloaded mavtv plus on firetv box and have had no issues. I have the first gen fire tv box that I can plug directly to the internet so I know my speeds not the issue but its for sure 480p on the drone cam and 720p everywhere else. Hoping they ... more »

Added reply in a thread Cairoli signs up to race the next two rounds following Hangtown. 6/4/2022 11:20 AM

Great news, I was hoping he wouldnt call it after two rounds he doesnt deserve that kind of pressure on himself. He will find his speed

Added reply in a thread Sorry not sorry dc 5/28/2022 2:26 PM

Super Happy I went out at spent over 2gs on a new 75” TV for this quality of stream….NOT. Holy Fuckin commercials even my friends who aren’t moto that are here at my house think it’s rediculous I paid for this. Thank god I did the 1 month. Cancelling ... more »

Added reply in a thread RedBud MXoN 2022. Who's going?... 4/18/2022 5:11 PM

Hotel room booked at Best Western Plus Mishawaka Inn and got tickets for my dad, bro and me. Went in 2018 and had to go back. Will be my dad and brothers first pro outdoor national too.

Added reply in a thread Ellie Reed Shares Her Thoughts on "Pros Who Can't Ride Whoops" 2/14/2022 4:39 PM

As most said ... "is she wrong?!" Grow some balls is just Aussie slang for commit and have confidence going in them. Ie Reed,Craig, Brayton, Millsaps, Windham. Sometimes they do go down but everybody does once in a while. Im sure Mathilde Musquin could ... more »

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I was curious on the VIP area as im bringing my Dad across the boarder for this, his first MXDN and his first pro outdoor motocross race. Getting the email I had a good laugh, Im making decent money now and I cant see myself to even bother buying the ... more »

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Phew I came to vital to fear the worse but this update is awesome!

Added reply in a thread Herlings on vacation @ Dubai 12/27/2021 12:03 PM

I love the reactions of the locals, truly appreciating what theyre seeing. The left hand at :13 seconds was bonkers and hearing the excitement from them added to it. Herlings is havin a great time down there, i bet you hes been behind the wheel of a ... more »

Added reply in a thread Herlings on vacation @ Dubai 12/27/2021 12:01 PM

what other reason would you go to Dubai for other than tryna do a bunch of cool shit that they have there lol

Added reply in a thread Jettson donuts 12/26/2021 11:40 AM

People love to hate! Always grew up thinking train sets were dumb till i found an extended family member had this huge setup in his basement that would actually make its way around the whole house and was just super impressed. Jett and jettson donuts ... more »

Added reply in a thread Added power - slower lap times. 12/18/2021 8:04 PM

Most people could benefit from a new yz250f. Them thangs got some bark. That being said, only a few people need more power on the 450s, seems like seat time and placing the power where you like it is most important.

Added reply in a thread Lean mean 27? 12/18/2021 7:52 PM

Jesus this thread sucks. Fuck yeah Mookie lookin good. Another rider to make 2022 exciting

Added reply in a thread Rene Hofer RIP 12/4/2021 9:15 PM

At my buddys 30th birthday party and I let out a big “what the f*?!!?!!???!” Can’t lie and say I didn’t know about him till this year and the redbull ktm episodes etc. stellar human being. Rip to him and his friends and all the Fuckin blessings to the ... more »

Added reply in a thread Jettson x Ogio 11/30/2021 6:25 AM

Not for me but also not bitter enough to hate on it. Really cool bag and even cooler rider. Why not?