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Some people deserve a world class knuckle sandwich. Dean is a true hero in this sport and fuck anyone who thinks different

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Links to watch now?

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I never noticed how much he mentioned hes from South Africa until he actually mentioned that people were commenting on it and now I notice it everytime lol

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Needs to be Dylan for sure

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David Knight Wild Wally Palmer (one of the best scenes in any recent Moto movie) Ryan Sipes Kailub Russel Graham Jarvis Malcolm Stewart Jeffrey Herlings Colton Haaker Cody Webb Zack Attak

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Best for last. Malcolm's lookin like a million bucks right now

Started new thread Any coupon code for this years Supercross Live subscription? 10/18/2019 10:00 AM

Last year there was one shared out, I think it was as much as 30%. Anyone have one for this year? Delete if necessary thx

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Mookie, Ac9, Alessi, Gajser in that order

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Planning on going next year in France. Comin from Toronto, hopefully Canada sends a team but rooting for USA to send the same guys Anderson, Osborne, Cooper. Orrrrrr Tomac, Ciancarulo, *someone haha

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Sounds awesome to me. I hope he gets that bike early and moto's down on it to give it a fighting chance. Hes riding pretty good right now I'm down to see something cool!

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Dam this is a great lineup. Wish I could make the trip. I hope zach does some podcasts down there and we get a solid couple Team Fried videos when Zacho suckers Anderson into goin down early. Coopers a good pick for 250

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Not much to say other than try it out. Worst thing that can happen is you sell the 150 and get another 250f. I am a fan of 150s but to do big jumps you really have to have corner speed. If you are a Novice C/D rider then it wont make a difference. Try ... more ยป

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Anyone see the pics of Roczen and Sexton hoppin off their bikes and switching? Saw on Instagram the series of clips. I guess it was on press day. I assume they do it at the practice track but didnt think they'd bust it at the races

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That's small shit get over it

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Goes 1 - 1 today lol

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Lol I heard that part too and all I was waiting for was someone to say KTM has an external adjuster and everything for a long time. Cant believe those guys didnt know or pop into their heads

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I'm pretty sure a sprint enduro is held ona golf course

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Who doesnt like Daytona. Its always been a dream of mine to go, will probably have the chance in the next few years finally.

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I felt Stew left me saying "jesus fu k" And Herlings is more of a "dam that was good" Stew was just a bit more vulgar with his speed Haha. Dont forget he has great technique he ain't just a pin it dude