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Someone put these all on youtube. The current versions quality are piss poor...would love to see dvd quality

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My friends and I ended up staying in a hotel for MXDN at RedBud. Came in handy after the shitty weather thats for sure.Lots of places for dinner/breakfast before we headed to the track. When we were there, we stayed every night as long as we could and ... more »

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ill EMT you half value to use your login?! lmao im in Toronto

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much like dirtbikes every hobby is expensive right now. Ive actually been buying and flipping paintball guns/equipment the past 2 years. Mainly rare or older broken high end guns. I buy cheap, fix and flip. Or sometimes just find an older working electro ... more »

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I rocked a pretty mint 2003 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 w/ v6. Was awesome, just had to let it go 2 weeks ago after reaching 310,000kms. It got me through RedBud MXDN mudswamp parking lot with absolute ease while I saw several higher priced trucks and Jeeps ... more »

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Badass, good guy just havin fun. Not everyones meant to wear Se7en gear lol some dam good motivation for a decent majority of soul riders nowadays

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I dunno just makes me miss the absolute 10 of an announcer in Georgia Lindsay. She could do no wrong in my books lol

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Martin on the PulpMx show this week was great. Sucks another top guy is gone but he’s had a great career. He is too funny, recommend listening to it! All the best to him hope he calls in more often or atleast a 250 2 stroke update in a year or so. If ... more »

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I’m 100%, nay, 1000% sure you 1100% suck

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Yeah I was honestly instantly thinking the worst and I wasn’t going to see him moving at all. Last time I made a physical outburst like that was when my boy Zacho cleaned out Savatgy for the championship win. That was for excitement, this one tho was ... more »

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Yeah I was cheesed when they stopped following Sipes. You could tell he was battling the guys near and behind and catching the guy in front. Moments later he ate it and I missed what happened and how it happened

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lol but all seriousness...atleast something cool happening and he really wants it. I respect the heart and Im sure hell be putting 100% into it because he does want to prove something
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This could be crazy but... if it’s just headaches outside of normal physical fatigue.... try custom earplugs

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Pulp or no Pulp, dude unfortunately showed hes a bit of a immature prick. Only Rutledge has done a better job appearing as a Douche on Pulp and Donn made the podium in the number 2 spot.

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My dad and his brothers group bought a few Can Am 250ishcc bikes back in the 80s. Each of them said the forks would flex real bad and the brakes were terrible and overheat easy. Only thing they said was the motor could start under almost any circumstance ... more »

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Steve, JT and Weege are our Clarkson, May and Hammond

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Steve did not have to pile on because he knew DV was enough. To be professional enough to play along but savage enough not to cut off what DV had to say. I'm not blanketing everybody but I believe if someone out of our sport were to come in and get our ... more »

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My god verbal diarrhea. Could not believe what I was hearing. Calling out the fans being insecure but couldn’t stop rambling because he’s insecure lol DV was Fuckin awesome. DV for Pres

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I think Mookie could lets say lose a couple pounds always of course...but i think genetically hes a beast and different than his brother who could be more lean. Of course with enough time and professional advice he could completely change his body. But ... more »