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I owned almost every Mx vs Atv since the original Xbox. Awesome games and love outdoor tracks a bit more than supercross tracks video game wise. Love those games and have many many hours on them. BUT a few months ago I bought Supercross 2 I think it ... more »

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I hope he lands somewhere good. I think he will only get stronger and I like his style. He’s very overlooked and his technique isn’t mentioned that much. Seems like all the young Honda kids have great technique, they just needed a likkle more horsepower ... more »

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Man I was a little bummed. Had a few friends over, some regular moto guys and some people who know nothing about the sport. The quality of video was so poor in most camera angles it honestly made the whole thing look like a joke. especially to my few ... more »

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thats cool! My Dad and i have a similar story.

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Man Mookie is so good. I kept hearing Pulp and other places talk about the bigger dudes like Tyler Bowers getting winded by the elevation etc.... then i just kept thinking how amazing it is that Mookie was able to fight till the end every race cause ... more »

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man was just thinking that the other day

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Paintball gearbags are actually pretty great. The Planet Eclipse Roller Gearbag is great, tonnes of storage and very strong/stylish.

Added reply in a thread Is this really the deepest field ever? 6/18/2020 7:01 PM

They all race the same track as the Lawrence brothers so thats pretty cool the field is pretty deep, especially the 6th to 18th place guys. its good for us thats for sure

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Ive never sat through a youtube podcast of pulpmx tho but I have listened to every show since mid 200s in the traditional podcast format from start to finish for the most part. I do miss a privateer island every now and then. THE BEST way is to listen ... more »

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Helllllllll Yeah

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Im so used to playing at stock settings bike setup style everytime i try to make a change i notice some front end push etc have to learn to adjust or jsut keep stock settings haha games got some skill to acquire for sure

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the weston peick turns 18 and his parents moved out joke made me LOL

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2013 KTM SX250. Suspension, flywheel weight and protection. Still on the same top end from 2013. Compressions real low but it still pulls lol (new top end already purchased and in the garage)

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Honestly yeah hes a bit wild and his personality in small doses for me would be just fine. However the training video i watched of Glenn was pretty fuckin badass. Im 100% sure he would of mentally broke me in that gym lmfao possible tears falling from ... more »

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I have mine attached to a SoPro chin mount. I say i wear it 90% of the time im riding if I have battery. I also hook it up to the barrel of my paintball gun when im playing... get some pretty cool footage of the balls. ... more »

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that hole setup is pretty bitchen

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badass, i keep seeing signs of why i need to ditch my laptop and grab a desktop. Really cool you are taking on Erzberg. related to the OP... Im an Xbox guy and a MX vs ATV guy. But after 10 years or so i ventured into getting the Supercross 3 game. At ... more »

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I was pretty happy hearing DC hint that RedBud was going to host it again. I drove down from Toronto and had a blast despite the weather. I couldnt believe how close I was able to get to the trucks and riders. Honestly one of my favorite parts of the ... more »

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Ya i really like Jo Shimodas vibe and style. If he can continue to look like that but go 4mph faster everywhere hell be right up there lol