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The yz has better feel in the braking bumps, like I know exactly what the front wheel is doing. The KTM on the other hand just felt kind of dead. I know a lot of people say they don't get along with the WP stuff but I could live with it

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Yz250 owner here. When I bought my bike I bought it based on me being over 30 and my joints starting to age and everyone raved about the suspension on the YZ. A couple weekends ago I rode an 18 450sxf that had the suspension set up for someone around ... more »

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I've cut the old seal in half with an angle grinder, file the metal in it back so it doesn't touch the fork leg. Seat the new seal as best you can then sit the old seal on it and ram it down with the bottom fork lug. I've actually done this a few times ... more »

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I've just ticked over 20 hours on a set on a yz250, mixture of sand, mud that turns to hard pack and a mates track that started as grass and now it's pretty hard pack. I have lost 1 knob of the front and about 3 off the rear but that happened in the ... more »

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Yep. Gas Gas should sign him to a 1 year deal with an extension if he finishes top 5 in points, keep him hungry

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During MXGP races Paul Malin will tell the director to focus on a race that is actually happening when the camera is following someone riding around on their own

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The worst part of a top end is putting the circlip in. What's the easy way?

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Yesterday I rode a mates 2018 rmz250 with yoshi system back to back with my yz250. Out of corners and down straights the yz pulls a lot harder, it makes the rmz feel like a 125. However, the track was rough with a lot of square edge bumps straight out ... more »

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It's been a long time since I've ridden a 250f. The last time I rode one was a 2011 kx250f and I had an 07 rm250 at the time. I couldn't believe how easy it was to go fast and cut a good laptime on the 250f. But it wasn't as fun or lively as my rm which ... more »

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I've been a fan of Barcia ever since I watched the video of him molesting a CR125. That said, I can't believe no one has sent him over a berm. There was nothing dirty about that pass, it was aggressive but not dirty

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You could try sliding your forks down in the triple clamps or get another chain with an extra link or two to move the rear wheel back

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It's really personal opinion. I sit in the attack position with elbows up. I put my fingers on the brake and clutch lever and make a straight line from my fingers to my elbows. Bars are run just in the forward side of the 0 line

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And 17k ride away. Sweet looking bike though. I live how the graphics flow into the seat cover, don't seem to see that as much these days as a few years ago

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I was getting bored not being able to ride so went and bought a gaming laptop and monster energy Supercross 3. To the original topic, people can't travel and team sports have been cancelled. People can't spend their money where they usually do so they ... more »

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I've often wondered why they don't sponsor a team. At least the riders would actually drink that on the podium

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It's supply and demand. People can no longer travel and spend the money on holidays so they are buying bikes, caravans, jet ski's etc. Looking on there was only 1 yz250 listed the other day and it was a dealer advertising a new bike, there ... more »

Added reply in a thread Re-timing the YZ250 pv governor 8/29/2020 1:12 AM,46/A-new-YZ250-build,1359102#post_4182610 Check this post out for a comparison of the dep vs hgs. I have also run both pipes, the dep with the standard length silencer and the hgs with the shorty silencer. The hgs makes a little more power off the bottom and then really makes power ... more »

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How good does that track look

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I prefer a softer tire on the front even when running a medium tire on the back

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We can only hope