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The bike comes with the stock map loaded which i believe is all 0's on both settings on the button on the handle bars. The app has the additional pre loaded settings of hard hitting, smooth, linear. These are different to what comes loaded stock in the ... more »

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I heard that too, pretty interesting. Ama must be a little bit worried about WSX if they are looking into doing this

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I went from an 07 RM250 to a 2012 KTM 250sx and the kato was noticeably better than the RM in nearly every aspect. That said, I really did like that RM and unfortunately let my wife talk me into selling it because apparently I didn't need 2 bikes according ... more »

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38 5'10" 180 lbs vet expert. I went from years of riding 250 2 strokes to a 19 crf450 then a 21 yz450f. The only 250f's I have ridden are a 2011 kx250f, 21 rmz250 with full yosh system and 21 wr250f. I also spent a little bit of time on an 18 450sxf ... more »

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Dude that was awesome, nice riding

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If that's the case then calling them out publicly is about all you can do

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Have you tried calling them? I own a business and text communication usually takes a back seat to someone that picks up the phone and calls

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I have alarmed disc locks that go off at 120db when the bikes get moved. That with a kryptonite chain and lock should go a long way to keeping it secure. I'd also put the bike on a stand in the truck bed and take both wheels off too

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This. At 30+ years old I had 18 year olds commenting on my fitness when i was doing p90x. I started another program, liift4, that concentrates more on lifting and less on cardio and my moto results haven't been as good

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My current Fly kinetic gear fits the same as my early 2000 O'neal gear. Just gotta pick the right model for your body type

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I wouldn't sign up to that race with that many classes. That's just bullshit

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How often are there comments on here about how the 250's are hitting the same jumps as the 450's and how 450's can hit a triple from the inside line of the previous corner? Now they build a jump where a 450 has to rail a berm to clear it and it gets ... more »

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I really like a foam roller after riding or a hard workout. I do a stretching workout beforehand to get everything warmed up and then get on the foam roller. It hurts at the time but almost instant relief when I'm finished. Hydration and a good recovery ... more »

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Hydro clutch on the #4 bike?

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I'm 85kg, 5'10 vet expert and live my 21 yz450f. I set the suspension to mxa's recommendations and have only changed 1 or 2 clicks since. Made a map that takes a little bit of the snap out at 0-10% throttle and run that map from sand to hard pack. A ... more »

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I just hope that they didn't make changes for the sake of making changes and actually improve on an already great package

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What Putin is doing is wrong but people but banning a Russian rider from racing does nothing to change that. How does punishing a guy that makes a living racing dirt bikes have any affect on what Putin is doing? It would be like not letting Roczen race ... more »

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Maybe his missus saw what he was posting and lost her shit lol. Na, i dunno. He just seemed to disappear though

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I follow pro mx on facebook and they put up a telecast schedule which was pretty easy to follow. Morning racing was on the livestream, switch to sbs for moto 2's and then back to the livestream for the remainder. The live stream had issues initially ... more »

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On a recent pulp mx podcast, I think either 495 or 496, Steve interviewed John Tomac and asked him about this. It's a good listen and worth checking out but basically he said the Japanese people are a proud people who don't like to admit they are wrong, ... more »