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I prefer watching sx to mx. I've never ridden as full blown sx track but have ridden some stadium mx tracks and prefer them to proper mx tracks. For me, I'd take the sx title

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That's one of my favorite tyler stories

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32:1 is a fair bit of oil unless you are really ringing it's neck. I'd try 40:1 and see you go

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I don't get it. Just because the 450 title is decided you can't enjoy watching some of the best riders in the world going at it for 4 x 30 minutes plus 2? I guess there is just no pleasing some people

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I went racing the weekend my 2nd kid was ment to be born. The track was only 2 hours away so I figured if something happened I could pack up and get home in time. The little bugger came late so I got to race and be there for the birth. My dad was laughing ... more »

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"You can plan a picnic but you can't predict the weather." The whole east coast of australia got hammered with wind over the last weekend. We were racing Saturday night in brisbane and during the day we were wondering if they would cancel it. It sucks ... more »

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As said above, lower your forks in the clamps. That will slow the steering a little and stop the front wanting to tuck

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I can't remember what track I was riding at but the chain seemed to be really dry every time i pulled into the pits. My bike was on the stand and i spun the rear wheel and there was noticeable drag on the chain. Grabbed the chain lube and gave it a spray. ... more »

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the ufo set uses the old style airbox, it just updates the radiator shrouds and fenders

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This seems to be a common theme at yamaha, you'd think with the money they are putting in they'd listen to their riders

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If you've never ridden a 2 stroke before it's going to take some time adjusting, especially a 250 2 stroke. That said, I took my yz250 with 9oz flywheel weight on a woods ride and for me it was perfect. Lighter than a 250f, more snap to get over logs ... more »

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What I don't get, pro gun people say that the only way to stop a gunman is to shoot them. How was this guy able to carry out a mass shooting in Texas of all places? Surely he would have been shot as soon as he let off the first round. Maybe the usa should ... more »

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The platinum 2 pipe is also a woods pipe, it's designed for more bottom to mid and go flat on top. I had an 07 rm250, it was an awesome bike

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Jett will be riding for the aussies though

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Mate, you only live once. You have a good, steady job, access to cheap credit and your living expenses are under control. Trade the bikes, finance the bike you want and then pay it off early so you pay minimum interest. Can't take the money to your grave ... more »

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2018 YZ250 2 stroke. In Australia vet class is 35+ so I've only just hit the vet class. Why? I like riding 2 strokes, dislike riding 450's and have an advantage on the start over a 250f

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I was looking at a set the other day to replace my current tech 5's and the guy at the store said some riders have complained about the hinge jamming up on these. He recommended the tech 5's over the thor boots

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At riders briefing at the MX Nationals in Australia at the second last round they brought up track cutting as it was the kind of track that it could happen pretty easily on. The official talking said that if you go off the track you need to slow right ... more »

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So let me get this straight. In your opinion A Mart should have jammed on the brakes, done a u-turn on the side of the track, rode back against the flow of traffic and entered exactly where he went off the track, all the while there are 35 other bikes ... more »