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My best bike was actually my worst bike too. I had 86 cr500 engine in an 04 crf250 frame, when it ran it was a dream, trying to start it after it had been sitting a week or so was a nightmare.

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Well I went to Pro Circuit recently on a trip to California so I have a few pics of their bikes.

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For me the 04-10 bikes were great, the 11-15 bikes were okay but not for me and the 16+ bikes are awesome. I used to love KTM's as a kid, had an 03 125, an 04 200 and an 08 200 which were all great, got a 13 250f and hated it. Rode a 17 sxf 350 and a ... more »

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My CRF 450 is a piece of piss to start but while I've been on holiday in California riding with all the different brands here and spending a lot of time on the Husqvarna 450, I must say it is nice to have that easy button. Wouldn't make me buy one bike ... more »

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Alright guys me an a few mates have just flown over for the supercross this weekend. Question is where's a good night out while we're here? We're staying near "Celebration" in Florida. Anyone know where to go or not go on a night out round here?

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Yep. Pretty much it. A 125 class would be good but we won't see one and a 250 two stroke class would be pointless.

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Dungey isn't "lucky" he's just smart, he knows when to push and when not to. Why fight for first and risk a dnf when you can take second and know that Tomac will mess up another night and you'll get those points anyway. If Tomac had been more consistent ... more »

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I enjoy a good mud race now and then, I know Indonesia was a bit much but hey it happens. The two times I've been to Matterly Basin it's been brilliant! Great track and great racing. I'd like to watch more rounds but I don't think there's any way to ... more »

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I thought the only difference was the engine? What's different with the 450 class suspension? Also if the 250s were the better bike then why doesn't anyone race the 350?

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As much as I like the Husky and want to know what you think of it, I really must take a minute to applaud you on how nice that RM is. Seriously that thing is nice! Let us know how they compare to each other.

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As much respect as I have for the top riders these days I think they just don't look like they are having fun now like they use to in the 90s and early 2000s. When you used to see McGrath, Emig and Pastrana looking like they were just having fun and ... more »

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I doubt they'd be able to modify the bikes without them being theirs which would make it a lot more expensive for them to do. I do agree though it would be great if they did do that.

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I know that but I wondered what the official reason was, it's not like a privateer is going to be at an advantage by racing an older bike.

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Do it! I have a 98 CR250 just like Ronnie Mac's. So much fun riding an old two stroke that you just don't give a shit about. Paid £1000 for mine, spent very little on it and had it 18 months before the piston broke and destroyed the crank back in December,

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Ah that makes sense, I thought for them to ban older bikes there must be a way someone could use an old bike to their advantage but I couldn't think of any.

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Mate of mine had a 2011 350 and I thought it handled one hell of a lot better than the 13 250 sxf that I got. Great bike you'll be really happy with it, only trouble my mate ever had with his was the battery for the electric start.

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Why are bikes older than 5 years old banned from racing supercross?

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Don't Procircuit make a pipe to fit the AF Hondas? Mine had a Procircuit pipe on it and I'm sure the guy who built it said the pipe was just bought from Procircuit as is. Mine was an 86 engine in an 04 crf 250 frame.

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I must admit Villopoto and Tomac have both made me want a KX450 but I still bought the 450 I could get the best deal on so I ride Honda.

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Really? The diesel makes around 200bhp here, what do the petrol engines produce?