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meet him the Saturday night at he bar after the races, cool guy for sure, bought him a beer and shot the shit for a little while. dude is core moto and loves riding. seemed kind of surprised when I walked up and called him by name.

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I have also ran someone over, feels shitty but I had no where to go, he is under my bike in this photo.
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Son of a bitch, bought last minute tickets yesterday , wasnt sure was going to be home. Got section 338 cause it looked like finish line side......I wish I would have seen this yesterday

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good luck to everyone traveling from aways away, roads are complete shit up here.

Added reply in a thread Polisport RM re style kit coming?? 2/7/2019 10:15 AM

Hell yeah, might it my old one back, and if I do, it will get this for sure.

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I have put smaller padding in for my kids and it has worked fine when my sons was stuck loose. I think we have a dozen f2 at the house and there is a couple shell sizes.

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the nightmare was my wife doing snow angels in middle of road at 230am after the

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I had a buddy that hydro dipped a BMX frame locally a few years ago, and that was comparable to powder coat. I think it was less than $150

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Oldenburg should be fast also if he can stay off the IR.

Added reply in a thread Helmet: It's a BIG deal 1/31/2019 3:32 PM

Love the new tech. 👌

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There was a hell of a lot of very fast guys you raced with that bikes looked clapped out, but were good in the places that needed to be..

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not bad, would kill for that right now, it is -8 with a -31deg windchill here.

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so shitty, whos next on injury list should be the tag line of SX

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mine was in 1981 on a yz50, I wish like hell mom had some pictures but she don't. some cool old memories in these photos. I sure as hell miss those days

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but newmann I don't see the problem....except they are not all build into bikes yet

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that would be sweet, a drive for me but I loved elko growing up as a kid

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fuck we were in suite last year in MPLS, endless popcorn with tip, fees and all the bull shit cost me $80, and I think it was $325 for a case of beer, or something close to that....had to many beers to remember.....

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yeah, I have, just got the decals for my silencer and my new koozie

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mean gene okerlund

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I had the all white RJ signature and the all red that matched almost had to riding a all new white Yamaha in 1985