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My point was that management has nothing to do with HIS performance. J-Bone, Coy, Dean, etc...have nothing to do with him rolling the whoops at the end of main events. My basic point is that I don't think we can blame the team for a rider under-performing. ... more »

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Curious what management has to do with Hill riding a dirt bike fast? These riders get a pass for everything. "My manager is disengaged, so I couldn't keep my corner speed up." How does that make sense?

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Watching videos like this make me realize how fast Bubba was on a 2-stroke. No comparison.

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I like them both and don't really care what they say. I'm aware of who the points leader is and why guys crash. However, at one point during the broadcast Ralph said something to the affect of "wow our top three got out to a great start!". Thanks Ralph. ... more »

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That was a good listen. Watts seems like such a cool guy.

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I just had this same issue with the linkage bolt that goes through the frame on my RM. Just got it out last night, so tonight I'll be starting on the swingarm bolt. Not real excited about it, but it has to be done. To get the linkage bolt out, I soaked ... more »

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I can't imagine riding a 250F pegged for a half hour. He is so high in the revs everywhere on that track. Just sounds like a lot of work...

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Must be a slow news day if this is what you people are worried about. It's an opinion on a couple bikes. Relax.

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Super cool and good for them.

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I like number 2. That's a good idea. I'm still trying to decide whether it's worth it for me to build this thing. I need an entire engine rebuild top and bottom, new clutch, the whole nine. Forks and shock need rebuilt/valved. Lots of $$ involved. I ... more »

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If you had a clean slate (i do), how would you build an Rm125? I have an '02 frame, suspension (needs rebuilt), and a stock motor. What would you do? I want a 125 motor. No 144. Just curious what everyone thinks. I see a lot of builds, so I'm sure a ... more »

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Zero chance that Hepler was serious.You will never see him in a professional race again unless it's off-road.