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Since no one else will say it.. that was epic peelout

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I honestly cannot even begin to imagine the amount of time this video took. The video was awesome and I think you are going to have a fine little project on your hands (bike build and video editing). I'm excited to see more of this.

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Sounds like working for corporate. Go ahead and work a few more hours this evening.. Yeah, still not good enough.. We can't give out the bicentury 1% cost of living increases.

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I think everyone on here that posted how slow the tire change was needs to put up or shut up. Upload a video of yourself removing and reinstalling your front tire. So that includes rolling your bike in, setting it up on the stand. Removing the front ... more »

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I'm trying my hardest to see the positive in this.. Alright here it goes.. 1.This is a planned marketing flop and there will be embarrassment. However, in a year or two Honda will turn around and market in a different direction that will "look" like a massive comeback. In reality anything better than bottom of the barrel will appear to be amazing. Next, this may help sell one or two more units of the CRF250L? Ultimately, the real winner here is Forever 21, because adding motorcycles to anything is much cooler. I thought forever 21 was a women's store, why is there a dude in this?

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Would it be cost effective to invest in a couple good GPS trackers, do your best to hide it on just 1 or 2 bikes, and then strategically stage those particular bikes to be the easiest to take. The first in line or closest to the door? 5-10 bikes may ... more »

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Here I thought B-mans post was max cringe for a knee, but then Robgvx had to throw in a twist.

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Not terribly close, but I am from Beckley, WV.

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What was your secret on all of the nooks and crannys in the frame? It looks excellent.

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Keep up the good work. I am interested in how this is going to turn out. Do you have a picture of the whole bike before you started working on it?