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Mooch, curious who did your graphics?

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If they ride just for fun the ycf bigy comes in a few engine choices, not a honda, but about the same size and more capable. I have seen a few teen girls have fun on the track riding them. I had a klx125 with 85 forks shock etc, super easy to ride but ... more »

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Took a few golf lessons, i was told 10 perfect swings is better pratice than hitting a bucket full of ball with the occassioanl good swing, the idead is to ingrain perfection or as close as possible. Bad form ruins any and all effort.

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Is Carson Brown done racing?

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Cant mix SX with MX with Webb. Kenny is on rails for MX right now, sort of hope him and Dylan have great battles. This is not SX 2022 season, so save the comparisons for next year along with rent free

hopefully to be forgotten.... ... more »
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SX and MOTO X, are different sports and skills. SX is more precision and the speeds are a lot slower. MX speed, fitness and a diffetent skill. Im suprised there aren't more top rider with significant speed differences between the 2 disciplines. Saying

... more »
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Yep Dylan is super fun to watch ride, he is aggresive and relentless! To call him a rookie is almost an insult though, yeah i get it, its his first year on a 450, same token isn't he about 26 years old? If JeremyMartian ever gets to 450s i would not ... more »

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And flip that around, what the racer says too dad... Oh if it is so me how!

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Somebody mentioned grow the sport equals follow the money, so true like everything else today. Jacksonville fl is so worriwd about growing, i.e. housing etc...that quality of life is going down for those that already live here. Growing does not equal ... more »

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Used spec bolt nickel on everything thay made sense, drilled the triple clamp to mount the hour meter

... more »
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I used stickman, came out good, the shrouds have some angles that i could not work out some bubbles, seems a cut along the edge of the angle w

ould make it easier.
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Agree great rider, but the best vid ever is James slowing down so he can re pass him, and that daytona mudder, the look of frustration, and em...guess the chadapult. Fun to watch race as he was willing to bang bars.

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Works connection clutch take off from my yz, replaced most bolts with nickle bolts. It does look nice up close

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I'm old and sentimental, i really wanted a 77 xr75, but the money to buy restored or to restore one, ehh.too much time and money, i want something to play around on now. This will

(i did make it red though) to be honet better than anything ... more »
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Yep very cool, not sure why the new playbikes cant be as nice. The new crfs trail bikes are way to heavy.

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, id be inrested know of all the parts that he has directly designed or influenced on this bike, ive heard he enjoys the machine shop? True?
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Nope and niether does mx, sx does not deny pros from racing. Respect for Ray, Starling, and a host of others who dont settle. Also nothing stopping a top NFL player going to play CFL, in your world, Kenny can drop back down to race people he can beat,

... more »
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Minor league baseball. Canadian league football, are all professional leagues, are they consideted the best competition, nope. Not saying 250 is not pro, just saying it is not the best competion, and if you have the ability, money whatever to race 450s

... more »
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Sandbaggin has crept up from the amateurs to the pros. I.e. the thought is for an amateur to get to A class, pros get to the premier class. As a pro Staying down a class is avoiding the opportunity to race the best. If they dont have the money, team ... more »

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Not sure how getting great starts and getting out to 10 second leads, and crashing because you are trying to win, is not considered pushing your self. If it was bubba these last 2 races, it would have been called "checkers or wreckers".