Added reply in a thread YZ250 FMF Factory Fatty issue - jetting??? 10/27/2020 10:31 AM

Have you checked your reeds? Had v force and they seemed to chip a lot

Added reply in a thread SO Cal Vintage BIKE pics. 10/25/2020 6:26 AM

Looks like any other pits sat/ saddleback....when I was a it! Thanks for the pics

Added reply in a thread Do you think this is b*******? 10/22/2020 7:40 AM

All the nut jobs leave the state they screwed up and move to Texas and Fl to screw them up too. Wish we could put a wall up, lol

Added reply in a thread RC Goat Farm becoming Yamaha Camp?! 10/21/2020 3:47 AM

Are you including Ashville in western NC?

Added reply in a thread Who left on the 250 class can beat Jmart regularly next year? 10/15/2020 8:50 AM

But he can change that with results, def think they will be at each other's throat on the track.

Added reply in a thread Supercross 2021 9/22/2020 4:58 PM

Put a race in jacksonville, we dont put many fans in a normal year, lol. For the 2 we ever

Added reply in a thread Not gelling with a bike? 9/22/2020 4:55 PM

13 rmz450, hated it, I go back and forth between my yz250, and 19 ktm 450, love em both for diiferent reason's

Added reply in a thread YZF250 is an unfair advantage compared to the rest 9/21/2020 12:10 PM

unfair? Is this compition or not, i dont understand the belief that every one or everything is equal, the race is to show what team or individual id better, either through equipment or skill. If you want fair then give out participation trophies.

Added reply in a thread AC vs tomac at Kawasaki 9/19/2020 4:24 PM

Same formula as webb last year, win SX and off the pace outdoors. I would think its pretty hard to keep the intensity up for a complete year, major props to those that can.

Added reply in a thread Jmart in Ferrandis head... 9/19/2020 4:17 PM

Ferrandis is as fast or faster than Jmart, it will come down to 2 things imo, Ferrandis starts, 1. good or 2. bad,

Added reply in a thread Unpopular opinion - Tear Offs 9/1/2020 6:55 AM

Yep ban em, while we're at it, ban rubber tires, plastic parts, asphalt and concrete, water bottles bags....and most destructive of all, humans, we're trying to save the planet right? Sarcasm....

Added reply in a thread YZ250 Shift Shaft replacement - '06 2-stroke 8/8/2020 3:43 PM

Kickers is aluminum, shaft is steel. Pretty sure heat it up and the aluminum will expand a bit. Maybe a small gear puller?

Added reply in a thread Where does Malcolm go? 7/15/2020 2:09 PM

Fun to watch race, otherwise just another dude, racing will be fine with or wirh out, 250s should be quite the show whenever they start again.

Added reply in a thread Keefer says its a big day 7/14/2020 5:03 PM

Funny how they all copy each other, this year, color matching number plates...

Added reply in a thread Mike Alessi -Hit And Run 7/10/2020 2:57 PM

Glad Mike is ok,... Mike, get a mtb, or just stick to riding Baldwin trail.

Added reply in a thread Way too cool to not share this. 7/9/2020 7:17 AM

Incredible talent and desire, amazing we dont celebrate this as much as we do other things....

Added reply in a thread PC Kawi Outdoors - Who’s left? 6/23/2020 11:31 AM

Wish i could have accomplished that at any age, heck im 56 and cant win crap, guess i should retire and get out of the way for a fast upcoming 40yr

Added reply in a thread British expat - where to ride and race in FL? 6/12/2020 4:29 AM

Dade city I think is the closest, there are a few series to race. Unlimited sports mx runs the gold cup and FL winter series. There a few other series into area.

Added reply in a thread So why was Coop talking smack before the last race? 6/9/2020 12:50 PM

Maybe Cooper is on a "cursade" to win the championship, than cussing and such is

Added reply in a thread how do you improve cardio ? 6/4/2020 10:46 AM

Im 56, mountain biking has been great for me, better cardio, some cross over from MX, at least it i feel much more confident in both. And its fun! When the weekend is full and i cant get mx in, i usually can get a couples hours mtbing.