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I’d like to know the actual weight of a KTM frame and an alloy frame from one of the Jap MX bikes

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If I can find the races in OZ. They must be available everywhere. (We have government blocks on torrent sites etc) “Off road videos” is one good place to look. I used a VPN and paid for the NBC gold pass for the out doors last year. Plan the same this ... more »

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Thanks for this great insight. You can claim “fan boy” or accept that the lightest machine, with the most power (or close to it) and the best brakes has a head start. (Handling and Suspension is harder to quantify, but the consensus is that KTM is near ... more »

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A bit like the popular 100cc class in the US, in the ‘70’s? Converted CR125’s, then YZ100’s etc. Never seemed common in Australia.

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Some good wives in this thread! A GF that buys CF forks for you - that’s impossible to let go of. (Congratulations btw) I have a great GF: quote “just buy the one you want” Reminds me of the old joke: Newly wed wife starts complaining (about bike purchase?) ... more »

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Approximately 45% of the weight of the steel component replaced. With all fasteners, especially axles/pivots, I’d guess about a kilogram (2.2 lbs). Some of it unsprung. Every bit helps, and the main downside is cost.

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I bought my first car tires from “French Brothers Tires” because they had a “Sandwich Board” at the local MX races. This was 1980. I try and support anyone that supports our sport. Previously I’ve drawn the line at cigarettes (just foolish), and currently ... more »

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The rate at which Pastrana caught back up after Reed parked him. Embarrassing. (Talk about a joker lane:- “199 has done his mandatory off track 360 early, will this be the best tactic?”

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Re old slow guys. I’m considering entering as a “moving chicane” in the SS300 support class at the World Superbike round in Australia. If I don’t qualify within 115% of pole position I won’t be allowed to race. This seems to be a common thing in road ... more »

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The RRP has only a little to do with manufacturing costs. Some to do with R&D costs (high with ever changing competition dirt bikes - low with restyled street bikes) and a lot to do with “what the market will bear.” (Is that the correct “bear”,bare?) ... more »

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6-8hp down. Too much on a 250f. (I don’t think my 2008 YZ250F is holding me back. It’s the obesity, fear, and lack of skill.) I really think the a Japanese need to raise (lower?) the bar weight wise. Every Pro is spending money on Ti like a drunken sailor, ... more »

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Who likes FMF pipes better than Pro Circuit pipes?

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I’m with you bro. (Doesn’t stop me buying a Ti bolt for my clutch perch!)

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I get all depressed if I haven’t raced for too long. I think it’s a blocked adrenaline gland. Of course, I’m old and slow. (And far from fit enough for MX). I’m physically beat up after a race, but feeling high for weeks after. I just worked it out. ... more »

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AIROH helmets are ECE approved Good enough in Aussie (and our officials are a cross between Nanna, and Hitler.), and FIM events. I doubt Helmets bought in Europe would have different shell/ head shape. Why would this be? Fit is vitally important. For ... more »

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I just bought my second Aeroh Aviator I can’t comment on the relative impact safety, but the light weight has safety and comfort advantages. The first one has been comfortable and lasted well. (Just too old now) They are very expensive, especially in ... more »

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I just bought a new MTB. Giant Trance Advance. It’s the same model and size as the the 5yo one I already own. So different its frankly bizarre. (As most know, MTBs are evolving towards DH spec. This years “Anthem” is a lot closer to the geometry of my ... more »

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They look the goods! Do they feel noticeably lighter?

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Sounds a good technique. As I mentioned. I think I bought the wrong scales, ones that “set” when they think the have the weight, not just read continuously. Won’t work on my Husky 701 SM - wont sit on a frame stand - too heavy as well.

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We will require pictures and a ride report.