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2Ripper thanks for your thoughts. I am restoring this expressly for potential riding. I too have heard very good things about this motor and over all well handling bike. Yours is in fairly better shape than what I started with. I don’t see the (3) threaded ... more »

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Russ that is absolutely my question also. When I used to paint I had shot plastic tanks and clear coated. It would never last that long before lifting. Certainly draining the tank after use will make a significant difference. You would need to use a ... more »

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Swingarm related and other. My approach on most parts is to clean up the metal as well as I can. If I see just sloppy craftsmanship on the parts I will address those. Hand grinder with a flapper wheel, air grinder with small heads and a Dremel of very

... more »
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Man Shane I wish I could line up all my bikes in a similar fashion as you. All in one place. Kind of like they are watching your progression. Either waiting for their turn or already satisfied with your efforts. Great job. You obviously have significant ... more »

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I’m glad somebody else brought this up. Absolutely the cursing is needless. Adds nothing and is way overused by him. He absolutely makes way too much effort to draw parallels from his life to the guests he is interviewing. I have listened a little and ... more »

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I actually did not torque that down. I did not have a socket that large. Used some smooth jaw adjustable pliers and some leverage. I figure the pinch bolts help maintain its placement. Plus I added some yellow paint marks to see if it loosens. I am following ... more »

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Forks and shock. Same approach as all the other ones I have done. Disassembled completely and clean up. Remove all seam/mold lines and uniform the finish. Cerakote most everything and get various nuts recoated with zinc.

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Rims. Cut the back ones out and saved the front spokes and nipples. Cleaned up the hubs and did as good of a job as I could removing seams. Went with a Cerakote that was close to stock color but instead of shooting the whole hub I used some black. I

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Tore it down and once again re-visited my method for insuring all screws and nuts get returned to original locations. I reference these images just about every time I work on the bike. This approach works for me as maybe someone who will ultimately buy

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That’s sweet Vet. I know I enjoy seeing fellow members restore similar bikes as it lends all forms of ideas. There are very few items I am altering. It will look stock but those very familiar with this series may be able to see my details. I already ... more »

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It wasn’t that long until I started on the Yamaha. I have several other to do like 5 more Honda CRs. The Yamaha came next since I am hopeful I will actually ride this one. It’s my hope the motor will be much more to my style of loads of low end with

... more »

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Just to add here… I have shot mainly the heat cure. Meaning you have to place the parts in a oven. The air dry for me is not as tough as the oven cure. It’s the thickness of the material covering the frame that adds to longevity. I would not consider ... more »

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Cerakote is excellent for parts with tight tolerances mating with other such parts. The pigments used are highly effective at covering with minimal application of their product. So thin coats cover very quickly. Cerakote will not hide much. It’s designed ... more »

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I give you credit for considering a HRC replica. That’s a slippery slope for sure. How far do you actually go in recreating that. Biggest reason I plan to stay away from doing those. Purists will pick apart such a effort. Not saying it will happen but ... more »

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Thanks Seemefirst. I launched a valve core assembly across my yard with the pipe blowing away the opposite direction. Note to self…Get the heat out of the pipe as reasonable early as possible. Have spares available and don’t hesitate to replace. I ran ... more »

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I ultimately received my pipes back. The work was excellent and I was well pleased. I want to say it was towards the end of 2020. If the website is still up and accepting monies than they or he must still be doing it. Do everything you can to get hold ... more »

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Did you send the pipe to Pacific Crest? The work has been excellent in all fairness. The struggles in getting any communication along with significant wait times can cause pause. Hopefully the new owner has a better grasp on those key aspects. I basically ... more »

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That bike and in that condition under $2000.00 would be it’s worth. Unfortunately it has the appearance of someone took the plastics and other easy to remove stuff and rattle canned it. The rear brake reservoir appears painted. The rims, spokes and hubs ... more »

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That pricing is crazy great. Wow… I’m at $1800.00 spent on a 91 WR and still need plastics. Not to mention doing all the work. Hopefully you are trying elsewhere to sell that. Sincerely your price is super cheap. I bet parted you would get that. Bike ... more »

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Looks like I will keep this thread going with my questions… Apologies.. It appears there is 2 different length spokes for the rear hub? 92 YZ 250 spokes do not work on the front. Worked a deal with a eBay seller of a disc off a wheel.