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I just had to make this
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ive played all the games, all of them. from arcade to simcade to simulator. ive played them all extensively. imo, the best motocross game, for first person view MX Bikes.this is strickly from a physics/riding experience perspective. i dont ... more »

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You people think so superficially yet so deep with zero information.. He obviously knew what physical demands were required of the job. He was a part owner, I'm sure he wasn't required to be traveling to every race so the "family" excuse I call b.s. ... more »

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Of course they are. I have zero evidence to back this up but you know they're working on a new game. Why wouldn't they be? Oh and I'll say it again Daniel, MXBIKES

You must get PC!! Now!!
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I don't see much wrong at all when watching skootys gameplay. In fact I'm quite impressed. Man that game is beautiful to the eye. I've gotten used to mx bikes lately. It looks like they've really improved the rythmn sections and the flow of the track. ... more »

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I had to scroll waaaaay down to find this forum lol. No news of anything new lately huh Don't know about you guys but my new daily moto gaming fix is now officially mx bikes. Anyone else switch over to it? This game will always have a place in my heart, ... more »

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no!! why would we ask and want sounds from an old old moto game? we’re asking for NEW, updated, accurate sounds. we’re not to stoop to the lows of settling for crappy sounds and then ask on forums for sounds from a 20 year old game. that’s rediculous ... more »

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has anyone downloaded the latest patch and played the 2019 version ironman? i’m on xbox and i downloaded the patch and i don’t have anything new. no new ama motocross championship mode or the 2019 iron man...

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chad reed lives his life in denial lol. bikes, he goes wherever someone will take him and he acts like it’s his major plan. he’s a toolbox

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i only watched it once but i think whatever time tomac made up on the track on ac on that last lap, was really just lost by his entrance into the joker lane. ac cut that left turn into the joker lane short to the insdide where as tomac almost over shot ... more »

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i think a lot of the reason people don’t enjoy games the way they did “back then” is because no one has a genuine brand new experience with the gameplay. gone are the days where you put the cd in the console and play the game, seeing everything for the ... more »

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when All Out came out, i thought oh shit, it’s new age MCM. ie the gravity and turning. but to your comment, see that’s where i just have to say....that is the silliest and most rediculous opinion lol. respectfully. i for the life of me cannot fathom ... more »

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how is it that everyone loved gameplay like this but All Out gets so much flack? i really don’t understand....any opinion?

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because it’s still a new dirtbike game. this game plays quite a bit different than pro, and the tracks, although many are the same, they feel much different. also because if no one buys the game, then milestone stops making motocross games. it requires ... more »

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MILESTONE after i complete a race on a user created track. during the “results” screen, I need to have the option to “like” the track and/or add to favorites. after searching pages and pages for a track, i shouldn’t have to go back and find it again ... more »

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as i was reading #3 i thought about Unadilla and then you listed it. that track was done so good. there’s a difference tho between a track jump being oversized and a jump that just needs to be braked up to like henry hill at budds creek for example. ... more »

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i’m only going to say this one more time. again, the game feels like a completely different game between the two views. i don’t care about the technicalities, i’m talking about what i feel and what i experience. the same thing that numerous people on ... more »

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very good analysis and breakdown of pros and cons. i couldn’t agree more. one thing i would add is to fix the transmission and overall “feel of power” when it comes to acceleration. the bikes just don’t have grunt and i’m always wondering if i’m in too ... more »

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i’ve been playing with normal physics, joint brakes off and manual trans and the game is much better than in “advanced” physics. at the point i just want the bike to have more grunt, and the bike to lean and grab more on corners. if that were the case,

... more »
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all the way left with your chassis tune is going to give you the most amount of gravity the game will give you. imo, FPV gravity isn’t as floaty, but tuning to the left with chassis....that’s the heaviest you can get the bike to feel. maybe start all ... more »