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When it comes to O-ring/sealed chains; chain lube is one of the great marketing rip offs in the dirt bike industry.

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It's a box on wheels. Next someone will be comparing dorm room set ups.

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Sorry, I don't agree with most here. Take one amateur track, mix in plenty of water, add four motos of pro riders and watch the beat down. Oh joy, they get to do the same thing next weekend. I'll bet Ironman can't come soon enough for these riders. For ... more »

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I owned a brand new 1979 XR500R and raced it for one season (Enduro and Harescrambles). One of the worst bikes I ever owned. Of course sliding that motor into a real chassis and losing the 23" front wheel in the process will do wonders.

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Ok some progress...if you can call it that. In the end I may have a paper thin tank or have to find another tank but I'm going to give this a shot. I upped my game by ditching the standard razor blade and got out a box knife blade.

Now we were ... more »
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Thanks for the inspiration!

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Me and my 1986 XR250 in better days (for both). It was my harescramble bike that wasn't afraid to play a little MX.

Started new thread Restoring plastic fuel tank from an 80's Kaw 1/31/2020 2:08 PM

Picked up a mid 80's KDX fuel tank to restore. I've successfully brought back red, yellow and white plastic fuel tanks but this one has me stumped. The green plastic is very dark and has spots of black on it. Underneath you can see the correct color.

... more »

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Hmmm. Gasoline fumes and a gas (pilot light) water heater ?

Added reply in a thread Why did you quit Racing Motocross? 3/26/2019 12:45 PM

It's always been ride time vs $. I ride an occasional MX Modern/vintage MX but to pay $40 sit around all day waiting for your moto on a track that consists of do or die obstacles against riders that make that their home track is a waste of good riding ... more »

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Ford has really upgraded their Transit for 2020. AWD and lots of other stuff.

Added reply in a thread There oughta be a law... 3/19/2019 9:26 AM

We have the same thing here in Arkansas but for horsey events; called the Equine Law.

Added reply in a thread Helmet with Largest Goggle port ???? 3/13/2019 5:12 AM

FWIW I have the same problem with my Bell Moto 9 and Accui 100% goggles. The goggles get pushed down over (when going over even medium hits) the bridge of my nose and closes off the airway. So I'm constantly pushing my chin bar up to raise the goggles ... more »

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Maybe they should switch jerseys.

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The first thing I do with a print rag is start tearing out the massive multi page ad inserts so I don't have to flip through them. Can't do that with digital.

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To further the point try this on a street bike: Going into a corner push on the opposite side footpeg. As you push down you are actually transferring that motion through your torso diagonally to your opposite arm/hand and bar end. Same with a dirt bike ... more »

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West coasters have been off for a few weeks while the East coasters have been in race mode and Alanta is a east coast style dirt/track. If the West coast boyz have not been practicing hard those factors will make or break them. Could be anyone's day ... more »

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Tripe Crown format, I don't think they do LCQs.

Added reply in a thread An old man considers a 2019 KTM 300 XC 2/21/2019 6:18 AM

The XC is a pussycat to ride. Too much boost? Just boot it into the next higher gear to mellow the power. Nice to look at but I rode one last weekend and for the money ($9K) it isn't that much better than older models. You can save a lot of $$$ and go ... more »