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RIP Dirk

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Needs the money 😉

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Thanks for the laugh!

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AC's bike looks stiff and chattery

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Yes, I do. Because a world championship means it‘s raced around the world. A championship in one country with riders from everywhere is an open national championship. At least in motocross, mxgp and f1.
So would it be to just stay in the EU.. what‘s the point?

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Same for me. If I have a blonde girlfriend, I want a brunette one and if she’s brunette I want a blonde one.. I guess that’s how life goes

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Haha, „creating a true world championship“.. with racing only in the US. Ping, I know you think the States are the center of the universe but that‘s a little to much.
How about this: the US finishes their slightly shortened nationals early and the MXGP season is split in half. Both, the nationals and the first half of the MXGPs (maybe as a European championship) act as a qualification to the second half of the MXGP season where the true Champ is crowned. Race 8 races all over the world with two or three in the US. Finish off with the MXdN.
It‘s never gonna happen (the SX season would have to be shortened as well), but one can dream.

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Listened to his interview on pulp and it made me an instant fan. Great style and race craft, also the right amount of agression. He will do well on the 450s. Maybe not immediately, but he‘ll be a contender for wins next year. And finally a rider that’s ... more »

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That’s how protests in sports work in general. But Star would look really bad if there‘s nothing wrong with fuel.

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So if Eli makes it into the main, he‘s the champ, right? I hope he chugs a beer on the gate and wins big! Kenny‘s my man but Eli deserves this title. Kept it together for whole thing

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Remember when R.C. drop down to 125 class outdoors? About like that

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This is awesome! Can‘t stop laughing McGrath

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There's nobody on vital whose avatar and comments fit so perfectly together as yours.

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I have a clue: the ride that sh.t all the time. Langston said that one of his greatest achievments was winning the dutch 125 title!

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Clean the accelerator pump and make sure that it works.

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100% of the people that go into retirement die! How‘s that shit still legal??

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Are you crazy?!? That would derail the whole thread..

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Bought a 125sx for Christmas and was only able to ride it once before the lockdown. Just ordered a gravel bike so that I can at least ride around in the woods and get a little action in.