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I think that shows that Barcia can move forward and make clean passes Racer111

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the racing between him and Tomac was the highlight of the race. Whether you liked it or not. They had the leaders in a little preview window while Barcia, Tomac and Roczen were in another bigger window. Webb’s pass was cool and everything but then he ... more »

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I bet all your race wins got you as much money as that spot Barcia was battling for tonight!

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Dis you check the lap times bro? Last lap he was still pushing harder then Anyone on the track. He had the fastest last lap. And the 3rd overall fastest lap. It’s not like Tomac gapped his ass. Hell without Tomac getting that outside in the sand section ... more »

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Everyone goes off by what they see on the TV screen because that’s all we have. BUT! If you check the ACTUAL lap times. Barcia put down a faster lap then Tomac did tonight and his last lap was faster. The gap was 2.4 at the line

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Can you send me the link also bro?! Thanks!

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The big 6 will continue too produce ICE until they are shit up again by the EPA. Why else did they go too 4 strokes? And mind you.. the first electric car was made in 1832! 18 fuckin 32! Electric will never be as profitable as ICE for all big name companies ... more »

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Isn’t weird how the government can push laws on pollution to its citizens but also support all of the oil companies and car manufacturers? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure they can make ICE run much more efficiently then what they currently ... more »

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I remember watching this vid of the Gp guys back in ‘12. I wanted one of those bikes so bad. Can’t remember where I read it but they had a 3 speed gear box and were making shit loads of power. (Osborne shreds it) 2012 Yamaha GP team

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give it 5-10 years... Then what is said about these incidents? Its not the loser that gets taken out at the end that's for sure.. Everyone remembers a winner. Oh yeah and like others have said the money helps that split second decision become an easy ... more »

Added reply in a thread Coolest moves in SX/MX... 1/25/2016 10:38 AM check out the pass that Josh Grant does to Coop at Glen Helen. carving that kawi

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Pourcel was going so fast that he passed dungey twice while he was beating the shit outta that thing

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With all the talk of bringing back the 125 class we might as well post a shit ton of videos! I just did a harescramble on mine this past weekend and had a whoot! Definitely the funnest full size bikes to ride and thats what this sport is all about! Post ... more »

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Graham Jarvis is 39 and he won the red bull sea to sky and came in 2nd behind jonny walker in the romanicas and erzberg. Dude rips for being so old.

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i'm pretty sure that at the des nations this year Tomac was faster than everyone there and it was basically a sand track. And who is better Tomac or Villijoseph? exactly. He'll give em a run for their money

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... more »
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Barcia has to be one of the most fit guys out there. Between his bike bouncing around and him tossing it around like his bitch all the time. He's definetley working the thing

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That at the end of both 450 moto's Grant barely crossed the finish line in front of roczen? I know Grant was a lap down the 2nd Moto but I guess if you were really stupid and just had no idea what was going on them you would think grant won again

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