Keeping Up With The Reeds?

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4/17/2018 4:03 PM

Saw a post on Ellies insta that they ha e been offered a reality tv show.
What say You?



4/17/2018 6:56 PM

I kinda hope not. Woulda been a great insight 10 years ago when he was in his prime.

And sometimes it's better to not get to know your heroes.


4/17/2018 7:16 PM



4/17/2018 7:19 PM

I personally wouldn't do it, but if they want to, cool.


4/17/2018 7:25 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/17/2018 7:30 PM

I would love to "see" more of Ellie. Chad is cool too laughing

Seriously though, they seem like really good parents. Just looking at Ellie's Instagram 95% of it is pics of the family and kids together. If they want this and want to be more famous then I'll be happy for them and I'll definitely watch.


4/17/2018 7:31 PM

It could be good if it's truthful. If Reedy admits he's a former champ struggling to get back on the box. He loves the sport too much to quit but searching for his former speed or edge against the young guns. If he starts throwing out excuses....he'll just come off whiney and douchy. The truth is plenty good enough...he's the old guy and he's trying to recover from injury. That's a damn good story.


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4/17/2018 10:58 PM

I'd check it out. Even though part of it is scripted I enjoy the Racetrack Supercross videos.


4/18/2018 1:39 AM

I’d rather watch one starring the Enticknaps


4/18/2018 1:59 AM

If they do this show and it’s for actual mainstream tv this could be huge for the sport. People love reality tv shows and I think people would really be interested in learning about the sport from that perspective instead of sitting down watching a race.


4/18/2018 2:27 AM

maybe chad and JTs lovers tiff could get an episode to itself


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4/18/2018 4:56 AM

I wouldn't, but if you did you'd want to make sure you had 100% control over vision, story and editing choices, because those shows are always made for drama and bullshit, and who wants their family portrayed like that apart from the Kardashians?

If it was me, i'd do what the Craig family does. Their vlogs let people in, are light, can do whenever, opt out whenever and are 100% authentic.


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4/18/2018 5:03 AM

Bad idea. The show will be a distraction. Chad needs LESS distractions, not more, if he is hoping to have a good SX season in 2019.


4/18/2018 5:42 AM

If it is his last season next year it would be a hell of a way to document it would it not?


4/18/2018 6:39 AM

I'd watch it ... stew did it


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4/18/2018 7:11 AM

I hope it shows him training between May and October. I think there's a good possibility his leg injury could have been avoided at straight rhythm had he been in proper SX riding shape. Bar that, 2018 could have been a fantastic year for him.


4/18/2018 7:14 AM

They should team up with the Bubbas world crew. That show blew my socks offPhoto


4/18/2018 8:07 AM

I hope its stays as real as possible and emphasizes on how much hard work it takes to be a SX racer. The sport needs outsiders to see how much work our top athletes put in, so they can better appreciate it and recognize it as a true sport. Basically what I'm saying is more like Racetrack supercross, less like Bubbas World. I realize some parts of Racetrack are a bit lame and probably fake, however the overall impression of the show to me is: Damn all that work and effort and they still couldn't qualify for a main, let alone be a contender for wins and championship.

As a rider/racer and true fan of the sport my entire life, all I want is for more people outside the sport to at least respect and appreciate the athleticism of the top racers.


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4/18/2018 8:31 AM

Never thought I'd say this about Chad Reed but...not enough drama. What would they show...him taking his kids to school..coming home and riding a bike and motoing down? eh a few of us on here may enjoy it but I don't see it working..

What are they going to do for 7 months out of the year he isn't racing? Go watch Roman Atwoods vlog and replicate that yourself. You'll get a following and have greater success on a platform like YouTube.


4/18/2018 10:33 AM

I don't like the idea. Gotta weigh the pros and cons, and I think the latter far outweighs the former, especially for the kids. Ellie mentioned something to the effect that she would only do it if it was real and authentic, but that is a huge problem: authentic family life makes for boring TV. Ever see the thrilling piece where Matilde cooked Marvin dinner? Try stringing 10 of those together into a series. Whether it is Duck Dynasty, Bubba's World, or Ice Road Truckers, there is always some fabricated scenario in each episode to make things dynamic and interesting.

What I do like is seeing Ellie's beautiful smile instead of that duck face thing she (and so many other girls) often does. This is a compliment, albeit a bit back-handed. Smile more, Ellie!