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Well, between me working alot and my male aussie being.. male. My little puppy got knocked up before I got her fixed. At only 9 - 10 months. She shocked us all, had 6 healthy babies and snapped straight into momma mode. This will be her only mess, she

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Depends on the dirt. The rocky tracks, f that. When younger I would have welts and blood and still have many scars. I like the thing under jersey protector my self.

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Death with thus exact situation, except in normal fridge freezer combo and a stand up freezer. The tenants left and let me know the power in the base ment hadn't worked in half a year. I thought, oh hell is it in 6 feet of water? Luckily no, but both ... more »

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Posted in the for sale section so can check the link if interested.,26/Selling-two-indinaplolis-tickets,1400038

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Not going to be able to go unfortunately. $350 Also bought the parking pass and the pre show tickets ... more »

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Same here scottie.

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The game will be good. The ones that don't like it shouldn't even comment, but its vital. Half of everyone crys.

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Many here does not race, very clear. And of course wishing Vince to be in a chair, that person or people should be stoned to death. Bottom line a clown move, he has done it before and will do it again. Just thankful CC was not hurt. Major respect for ... more »

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This, riding dirt bikes and racing is all fun and for our own enjoyment. So you do you.

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Been short handed for a couple years here in tn. On my route home every day, there are three panhandlers. I have a card board with, "daily pay $150" I'll set on the dash. These guys are making money. One stands there grooving to some tunes with 300 doller ... more »

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I'm around where he was arrested. Never heard of this guy before? Sounds crazy

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Coming from TN. Any thing I should see or avoid? Just me and the woman is going, plan on getting a room a few hours away friday night. Then a room Saturday not to far from the stadium.

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I have also been on the red wing train for many of years. The last two pair lasted around 3 months each. So for hardly under 500 bucks, 5 months is just crazy. They wouldn't honor them so I wont be going back to them. They actually said the first pair ... more »

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Just a suggestion. I had a s8 and was happy with it. When the battery broke, I went thru 3 supposedly new s8 phones all with shit batteries. You just about have to go to something relatively new these days. Shame that wont charge more for a phone you ... more »

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I would search a little more for the ibc tank you mentioned. Cleaned out food grade is 25 here for the 330 gallon tanks and 20 for non cleaned. Saw dust will really help you out with dust.

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Just post up the contract you signed.

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I have always been around moto, dirt track and drag racing. It's all wonderful fun, but the older I get the more into drag racing I am. Got to go to crossville last weekend and met JJ and some of the others from street outlaw show and that was cool. ... more »

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Any locals have any suggestions on things that should be experienced around the area? Going down next week for one day of work and a little vacation the rest of the time. Hoping the weather is decent, currently have no plans. Going to just be me and ... more »

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