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Not until now. I guess I can behave.

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Which one is allegedly in the cult of Scientology?

Started new thread What is the history of the four stroke displacement rule? 6/16/2018 1:12 PM

What was the allowable size for a thumper before the 1998 rule change? What size were the old school four strokes from the 60's?

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Not the point. This is a website/forum/community about RACING. Get it? Now run along and work on your triple sow cow or whatever the next gimmick is that you drama queens will be getting hot and bothered about on twatter.

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Don't you freestyle dorks have a forum of your own to discuss this crap rather than pollute a forum dedicated to MOTOCROSS/SUPERCROSS?

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He did a yz144 for me and it ripped. Funnest bike I ever owned.

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Does anyone know if console and PC players will be able to race together or will all online play be segregated by platform?

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He WAS taken out. By himself, in round 1 when he made yet ANOTHER mental mistake and tossed a race/season in the toilet.

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FMX ramps in Supercross?????

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The Texans had the #1 scoring offense while Watson was healthy, still had a solid D before Watt & Mercilus went down. Very easily could have been playing at home this Saturday if the injury bug hadn't hit.

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I can't believe the number of people that think what he did was ok. You do know the difference between a parade and a race, don't you?

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That's crazy partying? Really?

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Thank you, can't believe it took so many posts for someone to point that out.

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Nobody beings up Tony Alesi? Thats either sarcasm or you're new here.

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That has way more to do with that little play track than 2 strokes.

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I love the 'he must not have much since he isnt blowing it on fancy cars' logic. No wonder we have a household savings and debt crisis in this country. Some of you may want to read 'The Millionaire Next Door' and educate yourselves on the reality that ... more ยป

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Makes you look like a bitch, imo. If you're too much of a pussy to leave it online everyone knows damn well you won't say it in person. Punk move but no surprise the melinials use pretzel logic to paint it otherwise....

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I think he'll race again but give him virtually no shot at being the title threat he was previously. There is no way he has the same full range of motion and reflexes after that mangled mess heals up. I HOPE TO BE PROVEN WRONG THOUGH!

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Motocross has some of the dumbest fans of ANY sport.