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The 0% introductory rate on a CC is the way to go if you don't have the funds and pay it off before the intro period ends. Never pay interest...

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Sent you a text for price & shipping to 30066. Thanks

tcalzone left a comment 5/4/2018 12:01 PM

How much do you want and where do you live?

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I bought this bike in 2006 from Tom Hofmaster, at the time the bike had (3) arena cross races on it. The bike has been stored and ridden 2-3 times a year for the last 12 years. It has pro circuit suspension and was told "the engine was cleaned up and

... more »

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Thanks for the inputs...I'll keep working on it.

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Anyone suffering from this? I tore my calf muscle after landing real hard (riding on the balls of my feet) over a year ago. Now the calf muscle is healed but I've coincidentally I've developed PF in my foot that seems like it won't go away. Anyone dealing ... more »

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Read the above post 50 times, it's spot on. Stay technical out of school for a few years and then you can decide if you want a more customer focused work. I'm an IE in the O&G sector.

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I'm calling in the morning, definitely drive up from Corpus. Thanks to owners or whomever is responsible for re-opening the facility. It will be awesome... Yamahuh

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I'm definitely interested, I was riding at 3 Palms every weekend and since moving to Corpus Christi have not found a good track within 3 hour drive.

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If Cycle Ranch is closed...does anyone have suggestions for another track? I just moved to Corpus Christi and need to find something within 2 hours drive. Thanks

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Everyone always says to be honest about your ability..... I purchased a legitimate former Pro bike, PC had worked the suspension and it was set for a 160# Pro. I'm 190# and a C rider on a good day, yet this is the best suspension I have ever ridden. ... more »

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I agree with the raffle strategy, possibly get a dealer involved and raffle a new bike, gear, etc. The excess goes towards funding the travel expenses. It needs to be something the average rider can appreciate and possibly benefit from; otherwise focus ... more »

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I think your're right, springs are needed. Thanks

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I have an 06 YZ125 that I put YZ250 springs on (I weigh 190). I have recently rebuilt the forks. In rolling whoops the bike uses too much travel, when skipping/wheeling to the next whoop the suspension will bottom, same for landing off big jumps. The ... more »

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IMO if you're studying engineering you need to focus on that and complete the program. If it's an undergrad 26 isn't too late but not on track either, just saying. Once you have the education/career/life/finances all falling into place you can get back ... more »

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If they are beginner or learning to ride the speed difference is too great and should be on a kid track. Had a girl on a 50 learning to ride in GA and would stop in the valley between doubles and you could not see her. I went and talked with the 'mini ... more »

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The YZ's (125 & 250) IMO both need race fuel; as stock they are borderline with pump fuel. I have used C12 for a long time and never had any issues. Also...OEM pistons in both, again no issues. That pic looks like from Rio..

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any recommendations for engine builders for the 144? Thanks for all the inputs

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Does anyone have both or have had both and what's your opinion? Is the 150 significantly stronger? I'm open to all opinions... I have the YZ and with jetting/gearing it does well but being 190 I'm too heavy. I'm considering mod'ing to a 144 to get some ... more »

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