Plantar Fasciitis / Torn Calf

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12/26/2017 9:48 PM

Anyone suffering from this?

I tore my calf muscle after landing real hard (riding on the balls of my feet) over a year ago.
Now the calf muscle is healed but I've coincidentally I've developed PF in my foot that seems like it won't go away.

Anyone dealing with this? Tell me what worked for you.



12/26/2017 10:04 PM

I tore a bit of my calf (might be called Gastro somethingsomething) when I did my PCL and was really freaked for a bit because of the reduced movement my ankle had. I researched some of this Plantar Fasciitis but I think I avoided it. My knee now clicks like a son of a bitch compared to my left unhurt one lol.


12/26/2017 10:08 PM

yamahuh wrote:

Anyone suffering from this?

I tore my calf muscle after landing real hard (riding on the balls of my feet) over a year ago.

I used to have fairly severe PF in both feet. It'd be terrible for a few months, then semi okay for a few weeks, then back to feeling like I had shards of glass embedded in my feet. This went on for over a decade, with minimal times of "relief".

Saw doctors, including a chiro. Had some custom orthotics made. Never really had much long lasting change.

Lost my orthotics while traveling, so my wife went out and grabbed the most basic heel cup inserts that they had at Walmart. I'd just started stretching a few weeks earlier by putting my toes on the first step of our stairway and doing "heel dips".

Within 2 weeks of using the cheap heel cups and stretching, I was pretty much pain free. A couple more weeks and I had just about forgotten about even ever having PF. That was about 4 or 5 years ago. Today I don't wear heel cups until I feel that first little bit of burn, and then I wear them for a couple of weeks and that's it for 6 months or so. I figure I wear the cups about 4 weeks a year or so, on average.


12/27/2017 1:07 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/27/2017 1:10 AM

Ball, like a raquetball, and roll it in the arch area. Also, sound waves (lithotripsy, like used to break up kidney stones) can help. Some orthos do it.

And, what APLMAN said.


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Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

12/27/2017 2:16 AM

I've had it a couple of times in the last 5 years on the same foot . I used a golf ball and roll it on your arch and heel as hard as you can . It will hurt like hell if your doing it right . I got mine from waiting too long to replace my insoles on my work boots.


12/27/2017 5:54 AM

Keep insoles fresh on everything. I run the Dr Sholes sport and work good. Used to use the heel cups as well, stretch like mentioned above. PF sucks for sure


12/27/2017 6:22 AM

Heal cups and streching. I have worn heal cups for about 3 years straight. Don't be a cheap ass on the insoles of your shoes/boots. I have been healed over 2.5 years but the heal cups make my feet more comfortable and prevent it from coming back. Stretch 3x a day religiously. Google the streches. They are simple.


12/27/2017 6:36 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/27/2017 6:37 AM


This was the only thing that helped me heal. You can buy them online or at any running shoe store. Just don't let your dog get a hold of it! Good luck!

12/27/2017 7:20 AM

I have had PF, messed with shoes and supports for months. Spoke to my son one day about it he said easy fix dad. Go bare foot. You will be fixed uped in about 1-2weeks. He was right. No issues. I do stay away from shoes with any kind of arch. I wear the flattest and most solid (not squishy) shoes or boots. No issues any more.


12/27/2017 7:26 AM

I tried all of the different suggestions to cure the pain and none worked. Eventually, I had the plantar fasciitis release surgery and that completely cured it. That was a little over 20 years ago. The surgery was done in his office and I walked out.


12/27/2017 7:33 AM

Had a hump that hurt like hell about the size of a gumball in middle of arch. Went to drs orthos etc. nothing worked for years until lots of stretching of arch and golf ball. Oh and better shoes. Standing steps is good. Stand on toes leaning on wall also.


12/27/2017 8:17 AM

I've used several insoles in the past, they helped a little, but only lasted a few months before the pain came back and the insoles needed replaced. Switched to these and they helped A LOT, plus they have a lifetime warranty. A bit more expensive, but I've noticed significant improvement even when I'm not wearing them. The only issue I had was that they squeaked when I walked, but I put a dryer sheet between my shoe and the insole and fixed that issue. Make sure you go through their questionnaire to find the right insole for your arch and shoe type. I'll try the going barefoot thing once summer rolls around. Too cold for it now. lol


12/27/2017 8:39 AM

I suffered horribly from PF. I ended up getting multiple rounds of cortisone shots and also custom orthotics. A company local to me does them (not with a machine for measurements). They used to market them toward mxers as their grandson races as well. Now they do NBA and NFL teams. If you can get ahold of them, they're worth every penny. The name of the company is Foot Logic Inc. The key for me wasn't just the insole itself, but once we added a "heel plate" for stability, my feet have never been better. Been 4 years or better since I've gotten any shots or had to adjust anything.


12/27/2017 9:23 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/27/2017 9:31 AM

Had it for the past 20 years (51 now). Used to be able to make it go away with taping for 2-3 weeks. Like everyone said. Stretching is very important, mostly just before you get into bed as while you sleep and your foot 'drops' during the night. Makes those first few steps hurt like a sum bitch every am. Taping will allow it to heal during the day as it will provide you amazing arch support during the day and you won't keep tearing it. I had to eventually had to get surgery as I tore mine beyond repair. The taping plus cortisone shots couldn't relieve the pain. Lots of taping examples out there and other 'things' you can wear. I have tried most of the things nad nothing has worked better then the taping showed in this example below. Takes some time and can be a pain in the but, it has 100% worked for me.


12/27/2017 1:34 PM

Thanks for the inputs...I'll keep working on it.