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Velocity cycles Kidsla cycles Electron cycles Fully charged Plug and play

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Disappointing, Thanks for letting us know

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Hi Guys, Found this and thought i would share as I find it interesting and a little frustrating. Suzuki Global are selling brand new 2018 plated TS185ER. Shame they pick and choose where they sell these as it would be a perfect little run about to get ... more »

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Just for fun, in Kenya or some parts of the worldSuzuki still sell a 2018 Ts185 er, not sure of price structure but can still purchase this bike brand new.

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Some of my best memories are riding around with my son on his crf50, disappointingly he is 10 now and moved away from bikes. Luckily I kept it for my princess, added some pink grips, plastics and seat and she tears it up. The smile it brings to her face ... more »

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1990 Suzuki RM125 Guy Cooper Tribute - actual works Suzuki RA parts

Stunning build, what polish do you use to make the plastics shine like that?

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People who sold their tickets: If you’re one of the poor buggers who sold your tickets when James Stewart pulled out, we really do feel for you because you missed out on witnessing Australian racing history. It’s not often the withdrawal of such a high-profile ... more »

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article- motoonline MA fining Robbie Marshall: Midway through Saturday night’s SX1 main event, freestyle rider and talented racer Robbie Marshall had the crowd in fits when he threw a back flip over the 65ft finish-line jump, followed by a lazy-boy the ... more »

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Congrats on the sweet new ride Yak, and I am happy you got a deal you were happy with. All this thread is about is a dealer not being honest with the purchase price. Going by the logic in here it is ok for a dealer to advertise a price then so well but ... more »

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Wow that pic of Rossi and 222, rossi is only a little guy and he doesent tower of 222 but certainly a difference in size. Both superstars on 2 wheels.

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Tripletes lol, congrats, you already dressing them for success. Your supplier would be loving it, 3 of this 3 of that. Great work Macol, great eye for detail

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Hey Andy, great choice of bike, apart from the 88 my next favorite. Cant wait to see it togeather and enjoying the fact yours will be different, apart from that fact you also showing some great skills, love your work.

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Bike sounds great cwtoyota, great to see you mixin it with the 450s and you certainly holding your own, also you have skills on a bike

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Def a white tank and to me would love to see Gold rims, bike /Retro graphics look awesome though

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Hey all saw this pic of this yzf at our nationals, thought looked nice

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Congrats PNWoffroad bike looks badass, very cool of the dealer to send you the teaser shots. Can't wait to read your impressions

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Hey guys a little off track but wanted to throw this out there and ask the question. If RV wins the title and retires Kawasaki won't be able to run the 1 in 2016, so does it just become a display in the pits? So essentially there won't be a 1 on the ... more »

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Love the red '& white, the true yamaha colours

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another solid ride from Weston, has heart

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Cheers Ezza, thanks