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Omg just when I had finally forgotten about that when watching supercross

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Adding air to a spring fork is great! Fine tuning your rate is awesome. It will be awesome when they have a BRAIN setup like they have on the Specialized Epic.

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That would be awesome. Data acquisition is a neat product that can go along way in personalizing a chassis. I hope it gets implemented in an Apple simple way. Damping, dynamic sag, weight bias, etc. are just an app away... one day!

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This is the funniest thing I have read on this site

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Wow! You really laid that bike over. Awesome shot!

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Just waiting to see people flame you. Progression is a good thing blah blah blah... clearly many haven't a seen On Any Sunday

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This is my ghetto pedo van

... more »
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Haha! At least I have checked off those alcohol related activiities.

Started new thread Bend area riders 9/7/2016 4:02 PM

I'm from Alaska and am in the Bend area for the next two weeks or so. If anyone has an extra bike, is going riding and willing to lend a bike, please let me know. I'd cover gas or whatever and if you are ever in Alaska I would do the same for you! Thanks, ... more »

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I have a lingering feeling that the reason participation is low is due to the development of bikes, tracks, and skills. If you have watched On Any Sunday, you might notice that most of the participants are out having fun on an unaltered track without ... more »

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What kind of knee pad/protection is that?

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Seems to me that the three lost important things, in order, when riding a motorcycle are rider, sorrectly setup suspension, and a well maintained bike. I guess I just don't understand why people get so worked up when the stock bike is more than enough ... more »

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Thanks for showing that. He definitely seemed to find more in it than any of the other 250 videos. I just have this feeling ktm made a very smart decision to focus on broadening the power for their target buyers: slower heavier vet riders.

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I don't understand why everyone is against the chase. You get 10 rounds to hone the bike and test against the competition. Instead of people having to ride hurt or promote unnecessary risk early in the season, the riders will have a greater opportunity ... more »

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What kind of seat is that?

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I have talked with a few local tuners in Alaska and have a conundrum. My suspension feels soft in the woods and stiff at the motocross track. They say that it should be the opposite and that I just need to ride faster at the track. But the bike is twitchy ... more »

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And the zebra even looks Carmichael if he went on a diet

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I'm going to need some input from you guys on how to setup my new van. It will be for mx and road racing.

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Mike, My friend grew up racing in Minnesota. He was a winning B rider in district 23, but quit when he was bumped to A because of expense. He often talks about a time he rode with you and Jeff. He lined up for the race with you and Jeff and the three ... more »

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All the people posting bullshit about being stronger or vilifying drug use must have low eQ. Saturday night I lost a close friend to a decade long heroin addiction. It's not about being stronger or illicit behavior. It's a solution to a person that has ... more »