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I can't imagine growing up my whole life in this sport. I can see why someone would just walk away.

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Looking forward towards a great show!

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Added reply in a thread Weigant 3/12/2018 9:53 AM Downloading. I can't wait to hear Weege talk about this weekend!!!

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Brayton chose to stay at MCR. Hearing his interview about his triple crown win and now this the week after. Amazing!!! So happy for him.

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Only excite bike jumps.

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Oh yes! My body is ready!

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We had The Baker's Factory in Florida and now we have The Baby Factory!

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This is how the Joe Rogan message board works and it seems to work well. It can lead to cliques of groups of people jumping on board to down vote you but it's a little like the wild wild west. I like it.

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Just brutal. Get well soon KROC!!!

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I had a feeling JBONE would be on after this weekend. Can we get details on the 450 deal? Is it guaranteed or based on 250 results for Hill?

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Why is that dude bitching about DV's then now ex wife? Anyhow where is Mr. Lucky today?

Started new thread HILL – SEXTON – HEWITT – WHARTON ON DMXS RADIO TONIGHT! 2/7/2018 4:46 PM Suzuki’s Justin Hill made his first podium of the year in Oakland and has seemed to find the groove we all expected the defending 250SX West Region champ to have at the beginning of the season. Justin has owned the early struggles ... more »

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