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Everyone who has an interest in dirtbikes should be on a KTM brand. They are the only major manufacturer who cares what the people actually want, and innovates to supply the market with awesome new stuff. The Japanese are experts at thinking "inside ... more »

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wow, nice. it would not be bright to go thrash that twenty year old unobtainable virgin unicorn in the least from a financial point of view

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have you guys ridden even a stock late model CRF450? Ridiculous power....too aggressive for a lot of people I think. Not that your average joe cannot ride one around, just that the really aggressive , boatload of power the bike delivers is truthfully ... more »

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...but the message was unclear. Saw this little beast in someone's front yard for sale. I did not need a 100cc two stroke dualsport, but I could not risk letting it fall into hillbilly hands , where it would be beaten and die a slow death after surviving

... more »

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The grizzly 700 is a huge , 600+ pound 4x4 ATV with big power and an auto trans. The adult who allowed a four year old to ride this machine should be charged

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I went by a semi new local track to watch some racing on the spur of the moment a few weeks ago. turns out , Chad Reed and Cooper Webb were actually there having some fun. The facility looked to have improved a great deal since I had been there last. ... more »

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Some moron politician will be smugly doing a victory lap as a dozer runs these bikes over in a year or so. take that, motorcycles!!!!

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I hope they get shot in the face next time

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you need to wait for the 26 model for anniversary colors

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Keeping the 2008 model relevant.... should be a grand cheaper....then it would make perfect sense as it is, the RMZ450 is $500 MORE than the rehashed 2020 CRF450's that Honda sells- clearly a better bike

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Awesome! kind of surprising to see a multi time world champion riding with minibikes on the track LOL

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Honda is more or less irrelevant in off road racing, and could just as easily go away in moto as well....I say innovation is awesome....let them bail....plenty of euro bikes to take up the slack

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KTM. Doing the work the Japanese manufacturers just won't do. The Japanese seem to be absolutely playing follow the leader with each other. Thinking inside the box x10. Some credit to Yamaha for being slightly more open to changes....

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Honestly, the suspension on the 450FX is so good stock, I think any sort of valving work would be for super fast or super heavy riders only. is your buddy in either of those categories?

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If I rode in a lot of open stuff such as desert and moto, I would be all 450....I have a 2019 it. I think a Yamaha 450 FX would be as good as you can possibly get in the west

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I bought a bike from these guys last summer and got a tour of the museum ... lots of awesome two wheel goodness there. Loved it.

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I have a friend who parted several out. I think the frames went on his scrap metal trailer, but I will find out. I see them parted out all the time on facebook marketplace/craigslist

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Every small independent fix it shop has two or three RMZ250/KX250F models from 04/05 laying in the back, abandoned junk. They were piles of junk when new....I doubt they are much better 18 years later

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I just purposely bought a NOS streetbike tire for my 1975 CB750 because it is certifiably old school, and matches my front tire. I plan to ride it bald.....not dragging knees or anything, but it will get ridden bald. The date code indicates it was made ... more »

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I have been looking for a few acres to buy in NC and land prices have gone absolutely insane here in the last few years. Much more so than surrounding states. A 31 acre piece of land right around the corner from me seemed overpriced to me @ 3500/acre ... more »