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I agree the Weege is the man. It's because he loves the sport so much. Daniel Blair is also at the top of the heap. His "Blair's Breakdown" is the best race commentary out there.

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Isn't bass season open

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So, I've got a 1976 Penton MC5 250 with a fresh top end, pretty new chain and sprockets and Fox Air Shocks that I'm considering selling. Any ideas what its worth in today's market?

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Man I must be getting old. My first thought was "oh man, nice Penton!!" Man it sucks getting old....

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All I can say is, this extra 50# of lard I'm carrying ain't helping me a

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I love Blair's insight. Why they replace him with Rutledge Wood is beyond me....

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Amped Up!

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Spend money on riding schools instead of bike mods.

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Start watching this about the 1:20 mark, regarding passing Barcia....

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Most Americans have their income spread out over a number of years to lower taxes. The employer or sponsors then pay the riders interest on the unpaid portions of the riders pay that they are holding back. My guess is TV he European rides probably do ... more »

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Go with Buchanan spokes. The OEM spokes kept coming loose on my 490 and I had a hard time keeping them tight. Buchanan spokes fixed that issue for me.

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Well it looks like Forkner will get another year in the 250 SX class. If he stayed healthy and scored 135 points this year he'd be forced to move up to the 450's.

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DF is a racer to the core!! I love his intensity and heart!! He's right up there with Osborne.

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The H1 track that was fast and easy enough for everyone to go fast on and a track that everyone says was hard to pass on. Yet Osborne goes down in the first turn and starts over a straight away behind everyone and works his way up to 10th! I can't wait ... more »

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This is me at Red Bud in 1981 between Mark Hinkle (#1N) and I believe Troy Bradshaw (#1).

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Great interview!

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A buddy shot the picture of me while we were out playing around and I think it's cool! It was from back in the day when I was racing Maico's with some help from Red Bud Cycle and entering observed trials on occasion.

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Maybe something like this would work....