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So, if Jeffrey Herlings, Roman Febvre, Tim Gejser and Tom Vialle would have participated in the 2022 MXoN, how do you think they would have stacked up against those who attended??

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Trying to gouge fellow vitards doesn't look good. Someone might take you up on it, others see your screen name is "Scam"124 and probably not risk

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Call Red Bud and get it straightened out. You don't want to find out that you've ordered 3 different times.

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Well Haiden is a "B" rider, correct. Why wouldn't "B" riders have factory

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Anyone that's ever raced the '81 490 will agree, it's one of the finest bikes ever made.

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It wouldn't be the first time a rider dropped down into the small bike class. Remember '87 when a semi-retired Bob Hannah rode a 125 and won!

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Yeah, I commented to the guy I was watching with that his bike looked terrible on the braking bumps. It looked like a bucking bronco. To me, the front looked as bad as the rear suspension.

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Come early or risk setting on the road, waiting to get into the facility when the moto's start.

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I stopped by Red Bud this morning. Tim Ritchie took me around the facility in his Polaris Ranger and showed me improvements he's made to the facility. There are many changes to the infrastructure that really look good. For those attending only Saturday's

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It's not like he hasn't won World Titles on a Yamaha before....

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If you try to get in with the tickets, shave your beard first. Just saying...

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If you need a place to stay, this link below might be worth a look. Are you traveling by bike or car? Just curious....

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He said he'd only done one 30 minute moto prior to

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Watering truck broke down?

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Cooper gets the start at Foxborough but quickly gets passed by 6 riders. DC hinted that Webb might sit out the outdoors in 2022. What's going on, equipment, injury or motivation?

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SX is just a cabin "fever reliever" until the real racing starts up in the summer.

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Since he'll be representing Italy in the MXoN, my guess is he'll race Red Bud to figure out the track and bike settings.

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All roost is relative. Roost in the A class is much more intense than roost in the C class.

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Love MotoGP!!

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I'm sorry guys but I had to do that!!So who's your guess for a fill in rider for Honda?? ... more »

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