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Damn, sorry to hear about your crash. Any surgery needed to repair the spine, or just bed rest? As for your forks, I’ve seen some right out of the crate come sagged out about 1/3 of the way down. Talk to your dealer, I’m sure they’ll have heard about ... more »

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I raced C and B classes for 5 years, moto ruled my life in that time, until I broke my back, then I settled down & practice rode for a year after that... the fun factor wasn’t quite there so I sold the bike and have been retired since. Maybe a comeback

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In 2017 I had a crash and ended up breaking my back and having it fused (L1-L3). During the crash I was wearing an Atlas neck brace and I personally believe this saved my neck from breaking as well. The Atlas brace has 4 pads that sit on your back and ... more »

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Josh Hansen left a comment on my Instagram when I broke my back. That was a HUGE positive vibe and helped keep my spirits up during recovery. I’ll always be a fan!!

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Agreed, seeing that makes me sick to my stomach. Hoping the rider was able to walk away without any serious injuries.

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I came here expecting some brutal photoshopped bikes, the actual result was some badass retro work, I love it!

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Husky/KTM are great bikes, but PLEASE be careful if buying a 2018.. There is a kickstart idler gear update. If it wasn’t fixed the idler gear tends to explode and destroys a lot of pieces internal to the inner clutch cover, including the case half itself. ... more »

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Love it, very cool

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As someone who works in the industry at a dealer, it has been taking 7-10 days plus to receive parts from our suppliers, never mind the large amount of parts that are on back order this summer due to large manufacturing plants closing down due to the ... more »

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Sorry to hear man, I am in the same boat and have been without a bike for two years now. It’s not easy but you get used to it, kind of. I broke my back 3 seasons ago, had L1-L3 fused. I bought a brand new bike once I recovered and tried riding, but mentally

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Hahaha, last one made me LOL!

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Unfortunately at one time in all our moto life, it ends up being one of us laying on the ground. Three years ago I had my first big accident. Wide open straightaway, bike got headshake, tossed me over the bars followed by a few cartwheels... I laid there

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Exhibit number two... a pair of goggles that should be 19.99

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It’s a very stupid “brand” of over priced things...This is one of those things they bought, re-labelled, and are trying to sell for ridiculous pricing now... aimed towards the wheelie boyz of down town...

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2 rods and 5 screws in my lower spine, L1 to L3. Motocross accident. I rode the following year after I had my fusion, and while riding it felt okay, but it’s when I got home is when it became unbearable. Aching all night after a few hours of moto. I

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I broke my back almost two years ago at 19, and had L1 to L3 fused as L2 was compression fractured (Moto incident). The first year of recovery was tough, but I convinced myself I HAD to ride and bought a new bike. That was a mistake as I wasn’t mentally ... more »

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Wow nice find! I have almost 9 hours on mine and absolutely loving it. As for jetting, I went down on the pilot a few sizes, and adjusted the needle leaner by one position, which helped significantly. I’m mixing it 40:1 with 50:50 110 and 91, running ... more »

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Thank ya! I did love my 250, but after the injury I didn’t feel the same about it. I actually broke my back from sever head shake at 4th wide, and that bike had 4CS which we all know is related to headshake.. I searched for a set of AER48’s, but ended

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I thought this thread looked familiar, but it’s from over a year ago

I ended up tearing the bike down and powdercoating the frame, putting a piston in for maintenance, and every chassis bearing. Rode it 3 hours until breaking my back.. sold ... more »
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Me too! Compression fractured L2 bad enough to have L1-L3 fused, I have 2 small rods and 5 screws.