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I dunno about you guys but I bet angry tomac is going to be a lot dirtier than angry dunge who was pretty damn aggressive. I expect a t bone or bump off on the face of a jump coming marvs way. Tomac is bound to hunt Marv like a juicy antelope.

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Started new thread Who else misses the old racerx motodynasty fantasy??? 3/8/2018 12:33 PM

I used to love the simple top 12 format in both classes. To me that was the ultimate racing fantasy format. You had to know how a lot of guys were going to do to be good at it but knowing about the back of the pack guys wasn't a necessity. This years ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Did marv cross jump seely for the pass? 2/5/2018 10:42 AM

If you listen to the Oakland racerx podcast JT makes a joke about how if Marvin retaliated on JA it'll likely be just cross jumping the crap out of him since he's not one to take guys out. I know he did it to coop his last season of 250 outdoors many ... more »

Started new thread Did marv cross jump seely for the pass? 2/5/2018 6:45 AM

I haven't had a chance to rewatch but live it sure seemed like Marv came over hard into seely's line and caused cole to shut down and miss the triple to not get taken out in the air by maniac marvin. Could have been extra caution by seely but we all ... more »

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Started new thread Help with whipping and scrubbing 3/13/2017 2:22 PM

Hey guys Wondering if anyone had some good techniques to practice whipping and scrubbing. I'm an amateur rider with speeds around the C class/slow B class and have never been too successful in finding a solid whip or scrub technique to get the bike as ... more »

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Started new thread Stew rumors 3/3/2017 11:23 AM

Daytona is getting closer, where the rumors at?

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450 1. Tomac 2. Musquin 3. Dungey 250 1. Osborne 2. Savatgy 3. Craig

Started new thread Milsaps 2/25/2017 2:05 PM

What happened to him in that second practice? Anyone know what's up?

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Added reply in a thread So I guess Big James is ......... 2/19/2017 11:42 AM

I don't think James has started riding the Honda yet which is a bit unsettling. I would be willing to bet that he's at least rode laps on a supercross track on a weekly basis though and been in the gym and on the bicycle. If he has it in his mind that ... more »

Added reply in a thread Jim Holley makes Race Day Live painful to watch/listen? 2/19/2017 11:27 AM

Jim is the better of the two. The only critique I have is he sometimes asks some off the wall or just oddball questions but that's probably from too many hits to the head in his hayday haha. Good dude and very knowledgeable of the sport and all it's ... more »

Started new thread Credible stew rumors? 2/13/2017 10:14 PM

Anyone have any? I mean surely somebody at the Stewart ravcing rig has to know something and I'm sure someone has let a little more info slip than "maybe Daytona" at one of these races.

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Started new thread Race day live 2/11/2017 10:32 AM

I like most of you am grateful to have the race day live show available to follow practice and hear some interviews etc. The problem is the moments where there isn't a segment to play or a person to interview or a practice to watch and you have holly ... more »

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Added reply in a thread James stewart bought some hondas? 1/24/2017 10:45 PM

Yall really still gonna keep craptalking that stew is done huh? You all know he is capable of riding as good or better than half the field with a good month of serious riding and sibling rivalry on the practice track with the mookster. And he's on arguably ... more »

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... more »
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I hope so doubt it tho but those pics of the seven 365 rig got me pumped

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Gtfo lol

Added reply in a thread Josh Hansen - 250 West - Predictions? 1/3/2017 8:31 PM

On any given night hanny can smoke hampshire, Oldenburg, mcelrath, and will get lucky when the j marts and plessingers crash. I expect a smooth hanny battling with the front guys occasionally and occasionally taking 5th or better with a few 5-10 finishes. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Roczen and is dislike Aldon Baker... again!! 11/17/2016 1:12 PM

I wonder how much better Tomac will b at supercross with a year of testing the kawi under his belt. MEC he looked like he had roczens speed in that second moto before roczen somersaulted off his bike. If starts are better I wouldn't count tomac out so ... more »

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Started new thread Are the Stewart brothers going to be on suzukis? 10/24/2016 9:42 AM

I assume James is still riding a Suzuki. Seems possible that Suzuki would pay his salary at rch or Albertsons team or even his own Suzuki team? I assume he is still working with the same mechanic. Then again Malcolm did race a Honda in Arnhem. Anyone ... more »

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