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I think it's because so many people are on it trying to watch right now. I checked during the first motos out of curiosity to see if they were on. They weren't but it ran fine then, now it is also choppy for me

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Pm m also if this is real!

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Everyone IMO has Barcia and tomac way way way over rated. They have about 2-3 overall wins combined. I mean did anyone see the races last year? Anyone remember that Cunningham got 4th after the PC guys? Both guys aren't JS259 dominant here, the gap is ... more »

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I had to change my socks after everytime out during the raceday. If I did two classes I'd have to take 7 pairs of socks (1 for the ride home). Everytime I neglect to change them between times out I'd crash and get hurt I swear lol

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I say Leib for sure! He got second at a gp, there's no reasons he shouldn't have a ride on a great bike here imo.

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Dungey- 19 moto wins Metcalfe- 2 Short-0 Alessi-3 Millsaps-0 My prediction of the top 5 and the moto win breakdown. I'm sure by lunchtime I'll remember someone else I think will do damage and change everything though.

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I agree with you 100%, but I don't think that one is worse than the other. I like both of those guys though, if they both want to throw each other under the bus it's all fair IMO. The alessi thing was just left out and made it look like MCR didn't have ... more »

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He also said that they were trying to steal his rider away after he was already signed. They had Alessi down there testing after he signed with MCR. IMO if you try to steal a guys rider for real, and they just joke about it, maybe JGR needs to rethink ... more »

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It's actually a woman named Arlene and sometimes her daughter. She took my avatar picture. Great people.

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I obviously agree that there are plenty more people out there capable of flipping burgers. I also don't think Geico Honda is the problem. They are sponsor driven and if the sponsors don't want it put to a stop, then why would they see a need to make ... more »

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That's the problem right there. In the real world while on the job you are expected to grow up and act like an adult, or be fired. Oh and bogle was fined $500 is that really supposed to hurt him when he's got a contract, not to mention the purse money ... more »

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As far as things that happen at the races, I say 16 because I had a job at 16 and I was held responsible for anything I did. Whether its a pro sport or not it's still a job and IMO the same rules should be applied. Some kid flipping burgers can't say ... more »

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I had the exact same bike as well. Only had the sag set and that was it. The BEST handling bike I have ever had, and I instantly began holeshotting at least one moto per weekend in the 250 class. Once even with the 40th pick on the far outside against ... more »

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In my personal opinion, and most will surely attack me for this one, Barcia was emotional about the loss and being torn a new one by his team/parents/sponsors/medical crew/Stanton (take your pick) than what he actually did. "I feel kinda bad going over ... more »

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Who knows maybe I don't have a clue, but I'm not clueless enough to see that roosting a downed rider after a race is over paints the sport in a bad light. It looked like a clown show out there. I've seen tamer WWE shows. The sport can't grow with stuff ... more »

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It's small minded dopes like you that don't get it. Thank god you don't have any real say, in 3 weeks everyone would be pitted out of vans and frying eggs out of a hub cap

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I'm so tired of the whole they're kids thing. When I was 17 at my job, and I pulled some of the whiny ass shit Barcia and Bogle have done this year Id be fired. If I threw dirt on a downed athlete on say my high school baseball team I'd have been cut. ... more »

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Was the phone call removed? I see the story but not the recording. Maybe I'm missing it. On an unrelated topic I think I read somewhere that you have a podcast? If so where can peoe listen to it? Thanks and keep it up BRO

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I think all of the emotions are cool to see. But when you're stalled on the track and a race is going on you don't have time to be waiving your arms around. Start that thing and get me some fantasy points! Hell you may even put some money in your own ... more »

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I don't believe the take out was intentional. Rites bike really threw him in a weird way and he was injured which was a bummer. If DD makes that move 100 times 75 times Rife stays up. 24 he falls in the slowest turn on the track, springs up, and only ... more »