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Anyone have a good deal on Hoosier tires. My first set cost me 188 two sets later was 199 that after that was 209 in the last two sets have been 215. As much as I like them it's a little bit too expensive at 3 set the year I can end up with four sets ... more »

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Call mx tech 815-936-6277 ask them about the lucky gen 1 inserts that's geared more towards your riding level and works well for offroad. Now you can send them your forks to get done or a better idea once you ask any questions you have ask who is their ... more »

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This is the pure result of “group think” by a nation of social media educated fools. Not one spectacle was canceled during “H1N1” and we had 60 million affected 300k hospitalized and 18k dead. This is beyond bonkers it’s all media driven BS. They’ve been lying for the past 4 years what makes...more

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We ran more than half the races no * in my opinion. Just like people are idiots for * about other titles. We got more then 3-4 rounds so it's not like everyone just got started. Hell outdoors are only 12 rounds. There is only 1 title you can put a * ... more »

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I literally had to fight some one off for my 1 package of toilet paper. I have 1 roll left damn it and mother fuckers are trying to take it out of my cart when im not looking. But ill give it all up for one of those shocks

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I find that ironic considering they were buddy's and he spent time on epstines island. But the typical BM for ya. One of the biggest lying hypocrites there is.

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You can't take away the holeshot devices that's the only way i can touch the ground on starts and that's with 10mm lower sub frame, a short seat and my suspension cut down a inch!

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I've got the same bike. Even those tuners aren't all that good. Sending it to TD XPR TZR or any good tuner can make the stock ecu way better. I've got a GET ignition that im gonna throw on and play around with and see how much better I can get it than ... more »

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Paging js7 factory ecu. It is ridiculous to say the least what it's like compared to even a tuned vortex although it's been sounding like Mr. Ellis over at TD is getting closer.

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Watching Daytona and talking amongst a few moto buddy's. I put it out there, is it time to start limiting this stuff some. Litpros, data aquistion, traction control, start maps ECT ECT. Having rode a efi and a carbed bike with a true factory ecu vs a ... more »

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It's also really crazy what people will spend if you build it they will buy it. Im more than willing to bet between kart and moto guys you could do 25-40 sets. He'll if you told me i could build a works bike i might go dig up a roller and sell the kx125 ... more »

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Also remember AC222 is injured right now bum knee. So still solid rides.

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Get the 250f you can always add a little more power to the bike if you want when its time for a top end and still have a damn reliable bike. I race +25 and 30 on a 18 yz250f at 205+ gear. I've never felt like its the bike holding me back. Even in deep ... more »

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I do every time i fly. I use it as my luggage. Sometimes they do make you take out the helmet and boots to check. I brought a 250f and 450f head and 2 slip ons on one time took a extra 20 minutes as TSA needed to make sure they weren't bombs lol.

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Skimming whoops had been around forever. Skimming rollers like out in the desert even longer. The rider who really brought it to the fore front with indoor whoops was JMB. Him getting on top of the taller more uniform whoops not only changed the way ... more »

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Well im definitely not a squirrel and I've got a buddy who's far from a squirrel. He has 2 250sx 1 practice 1 race. Never dropped....yet. One bike misses shift between 2nd and 3rd quite a bit and one that doesn't. Breaking that motor down next week to ... more »

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I compress mine even on in my E-250. Just makes life easier. The just pop the front end loose once it's in.

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This is the best way hands down been doing it for years.