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From my understanding he wasn't on the race bike, but instead riding from his first leg of the race to the second part of his race while his teammates were on the race bike on the course. He was cruising at nowhere near race pace when the UTV crossed ... more »

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I have a stock pipe and silencer off a 2017 YZ250x. Maybe one ride on them, I would have to pull them down to see if I ever did ride with them

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I raced NHHA so 40 mile loops in the southern desert -broke the bolt that holds the top of the subframe in, also sheared off and lost a bolt holding the lower subframe in, all without crashing. silencer and airboot held it all on as the seat ... more »
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I sent you a pm, so hit me up if you have any questions. I'm currently building my medium roof, medium length transit up. It does have a bed over the bikes, bikes go in backwards which is different. But I wanted to be able to keep the bikes in there, ... more »

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As stated before you can pre run the bomb run portion only. If you are seen riding past the bomb, you're DQed. After that its just following the ribbons. Then local knowledge comes into play. I've raced this desert for years, just like Jake has, so you ... more »

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Love how Brabec tries to help him fix his bars before just telling him to go haha

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Volbeat, Still Counting. One of the cool things I thought of the show as well, downloaded a bunch from that band and getting into them

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It would be awesome to see open again. It's just an old unused dump now, no plans to ever build there. There were plans of having homes all around Irvine Lake, and from Jamboree up to the toll roads on both north and south sides of Santiago Canyon. Those ... more »

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This is for a 4 stroke rebuild, or 2 stroke? Like the above says, follow the manual and you can't go wrong. I race desert on a 250 2 stroke. and would do a top end every 30 hours or so. Would do one over the summer break, and the the winter break. I ... more »

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that would be vet (30+) lightweight. and as stuntman said, B transfers over to intermediate in Big6.

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I was in the 18-29 expert and two stroke only race on 337 Yamaha. Had to leave early, wind blew me hard and I landed foot first tweaking my knee bad. Other than that it was fun to be out there!

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I'll be the guy with the desert tank who can't turn having fun both days haha

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I'll see ya there! For those who haven't raced with FPMX, they have a toned down glen Helen track, no crazy jumps, all about safety. And Ed runs a good program

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I was thinking it is closer to a done deal due to the fact that he is no longer wearing Oakley, but JGR sponsor Scott goggles... my two cents

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I destroyed a front rim and had two spokes seize up on the rear wheelset. the spokes, I check quite often, don't know why they seized. The rim, I take responsibility for that, I race NHHA and sometimes the better looking line is through rocks.or just ... more »

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I've attempted twice. Both times on my 200 at the time. Timed out on LD2 both times. Made it over the tire wall once, and that was with help from other riders and just picking the bike up. Numerous spots in LD2 that are just brutally exhausting and I ... more »

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In the desert its all about who will keep it pinned longer. The last race I did, I dragged raced that guy on the KTM on the start and pulled him on my yz250 two smoker for a hole shot and overalled the race. I think I have different gearing than this ... more »

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Ya we get to pre run the start, what we call a bomb, and only the start. Usually about the first 2-3 miles. Everything after that is unseen trail, just follow the ribbon tied to bushes and some turn arrows. You get an idea of the trails from previous ... more »

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Atlas for me. I can move my head around better, feels lighter, and stays lower on my shoulders from their better straps. Also great customer service, I ordered one color, and the owner was calling me that same day, telling me that color was about two ... more »

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Hope you enjoyed that course while you were on it, cool to see more GP guys coming out and having fun You have more self control than I haha I would still send it on the flat and deal with the dents later