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I used to post here.

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It is a/his job. Many don't realize once you get to the level of successful pro it really isn't too much fun anymore, it's hard work. It's all consuming and all they do. It's really a pretty lousy way to make a living. The danger, living in hotels, on ... more »

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Any word on Colt? Hard hit...

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People in general do not like change. It's human nature, we get into our comfort zone and like putting the cruise control on. I won't consider an ebike because in their current phase they're a novelty and don't allow me to ride as I ride. I'm a professional ... more »

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Hey guys, take a tip from a 58 year old who's been riding for 48+ years. The goal is to stay ahead of them. Better to feed them dirt than eat it yourself

Reynard's is my home track and I get to be on track with a lot of the fast guys. Most ... more »
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Thank you. I think this might be the first thread where someone actually answers the question asked?

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I do. That's why I asked the question...

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VERY true. I'm impressed with the improvement in Ricky's grammar. I noticed he's been getting schooled up at the start of the season. Pretty cool that someone informed him how badly, NOT "bad", he butchers the English language and I'm assuming took action ... more »

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Too funny. The title actually says it all, "RC like to dish it out..." to the point where his plate can't hold anymore and shit's falling all over the buffet serving line and making a mess.

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Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with his role in the booth and the job description. I was hoping someone could answer the question asked.

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...ridden a bike. Serious question. I rarely pay attention to what the announcers are saying. I'm able to tune them out same as if my wife is talking. When I do hear Ralph I get the impression he's never ridden any kind of bike let alone a MX bike. Same ... more »

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That's what you get for going up one tooth on the rear sprocket.

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Does NJ have anything, and I mean ANYTHING other than Hartranft? FWIW, most don't consider being a grossly overtaxed, progressive cesspool something to be proud. Taking money from people who actually produce and distributing to those who don't feel like ... more »

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Likewise, no US riders fast enough to be competitive on a consistent basis. Our guys are great at SX but sort of suck in the outdoors compared to the Europeans.

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When Tomac saw Blake hit it I could hear him mumbling, "C'mon man, really??? Really?!?!?!". Too funny. Amazing feat by both men as they are able to defy the laws of physics and live to talk about it. Just amazing.

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You, I and many, many thousands of MX fans would love to see it happen. On the other side I can name a WHOLE bunch of US factory riders and fast pros who are praying with GREAT vigor to whatever it is they pray to that he never gets on the plane. It ... more »

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Excellent racing series!

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Vet rider Robbie Reynard did pretty well a couple years ago on a 125 against the fast kids on 4 strokes at Loretta's.

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One of the best companies I've ever dealt with regarding customer service. I've bought LOTS from RM over better than 20 years and they've ALWAYS been outstanding. I don't buy from anywhere else due to their "BEST PRICING" approach and impeccable customer ... more »

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And people wonder why the Europeans make our guys look like C class riders. SX is a freakin clown show circus, worse than NASCAR and that's REALLY saying something. And yes, though it's a circus I watch every qualifying session and race it makes me feel ... more »