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His style looks like someone who spent the vast majority of his early life mountain biking.

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But is he racing the Nationals? And if so, which class?

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What's his status for the 2018 Lucus Oil Motocross Championship?

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on PS4 I haven't seen any updates over the past 2 weeks. btw are these updates automatic. do they alert you, and/or do you update them from the main Systems area of PS4? to me it's a huge step back. I can't stay on the track! radical shift from MX vs ... more »

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since the introduction of these Swedish Cake bikes (, it's hard not to think about where this all might lead. watch the video on the site; these look to be nimble machines (with presumably good suspension). the idea of having an incredibly ... more »

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Very well stated.

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It's because of the engine. We lost when we switched. Then Carmichael was so huge, and opened the door to a NASCAR feel, which the sport should have veered away from. The sport is Rick Johnson and those guys, that's what it is. Or was. Palm trees and ... more »

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What amazes me about Anderson is that he's not also dominating the series with race wins. His commitment and style on the bike is pretty radical to everything else you see out there. He just looks the fastest. With Tomac, as amazing as he is, I can't ... more »

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Well the 1% do seem to be ragdolling their way to injury right and left though. When we think of "speed" on a bike it's usually in relation to other riders, but in this case the actual miles-per-hour speed is faster, though not more exciting to watch, ... more »

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nevermind, forgot it was an off weekend.

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What about for this weekend?

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She's the most professional trackside commentator we've had, she's beautiful with amazing class, and just spoke some casually fluent French to one of the riders from across the pond (no big deal right?!). We're very fortunate to have her involved in ... more »

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I remember, maybe Daytona 07, Rick Johnson, David Bailey, and maybe Ralph? were commentating. Reed was in hot pursuit of Carmichael, and RJ said, let's just hold back and listen, we don't need commentary for this. In that moment it worked so very well, ... more »

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LOL, I heard that and also didn't know the reference.

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Billy Whitley flying past me on a downhill at Swan in Tyler, TX. That's the first time I actually saw professional speed. On a side note, cycling up Left Hand Canyon Rd. in Boulder a few summers ago I thought I'd clicked off a decent pace when a pro, ... more »

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I have to agree. I do like how things slim up towards the shroud, but aside from that small space, the previous version showed a better design mindset.

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I guess they switched it up for Daytona, but I like how Emig and Carmichael are forgetting about the broadcast and just calmly discussing what they see on the track. Ralph is even backing off his natural instinct to over-hype things in that corporate ... more »

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The above person sees and speaks the truth. The whole point of excitement for east coast tracks is that for 3 other time zones, things kick off at a decent hour. We got robbed today, especially with how much we were looking forward to seeing Justin Hill ... more »