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they don’t fit within the historical look and feel of the sport, only enduro / hairscrambles, so no they’re not cool to many MX (and certainly SX) fans, but with the modern bikes it also makes total sense why someone would use them in closed course competition. ... more »

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yes they’re just wide and large like modern jertskiis. the designers are disconnected, perhaps because of their youth, from the razor thin, sharp angled aesthetic we were supposed to continue moving to from the 80’s.

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it’s all about the shrouds

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they look way impressive in person. just saw them yesterday and they’re stunning. I can’t believe they even made this change (I guess this happened in 2021) but they reduced the huge shroud gap where the radiator was clearly viewable and tightened that ... more »

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perhaps the delay does indicate a new 450

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Sorry to hear Matt. I’m sure a few of us can send something.

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much improved shroud aesthetic

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Game is very good, my only complaint is needing bike 7 for this next race series and it’s $100 to buy the tokens needed for it. That’s pretty steep. Even half that would be more than a console game but curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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he’s intense and if he gets another win this weekend…

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Adoption of NASCAR vibe has backfired imo. Nothing against car racing of course but I think the sport is more interesting when seen as an individual action sport like surfing, skateboarding, cycling, etc. From 05/06 on there seem to have been a push ... more »

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How Osbourne is 31 makes zero sense to me.

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I have had very high hopes for Savargty ever since his debut in the premier class. He looked immediately more intense and faster on the 450, and he can definitely be a force if he gets some wind in his sails.

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As much as I miss seeing radical changes, perhaps the bikes are just at a point where there’s not a whole lot left to improve. I don’t want to believe that, and would be cool to see an interview on the subject with some of the R&D team engineers, ... more »

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He still wants championships for himself though; I wouldn’t disregard personal ambitions.

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Would they create a splash page for May 18 for anything but a new 450 though?

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Let’s hope for something radical and razor thin.

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We’re pretty tough on these guys, he has to go through the reasons. Maybe the settings weren’t where they needed them to be. I don’t think these guys are blame others types, they generally own up to having a bad day or making mistakes, at least that’s ... more »

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I miss the 250 Webb, he was the most exciting he’s ever been and made me a huge fan. If anything he’s dialed it back a lot, which makes sense for the 450 and its working, but was a beast on that 250 machine.

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Being one of the elite racers is imo like a championship itself. He’s at the very top, and sometimes that person doesn’t win a Supercross Title. Broc Glover and Damon Bradshaw come to mind. Roczen is still and will always be considered one of the elite ... more »

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I’m surprise RC didn’t speak about it just now.