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It does seem he's being micromanaged, as it's common with how corporations operate these days. so much emphasis on process to mitigate unexpected outcomes, but it robs the authenticity. I hope they'll not try to mold him so much, but let him be free ... more »

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it's more than an eye, it's a philosophy.

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On a side note, are there smooth, singletrack trails on the periphery for high speed mountain biking?

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Ever rider should be able to deduct 1-2 finishes from the books, or every rider automatically forfeits their worst 2 races from the season. I may be missing the math here, but seems like it would be fair and keep things like mechanical breakdowns and ... more »

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can't gauge the competition accurately. need more closed roof venues.

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this tire is so insanely cool, I wish it was the main choice in normal conditions.

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it's because he has the aggressive attitude of a Hannah, Bradshaw, etc. so yes, the sport needs that and wants to see it again. personally I think Savatgy has some of that too.

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Race Day Live has concluded, but I didn't see any riders aside from the track walk.

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if we open the door to them as a public vote, they will work out a way to put ads in there is my fear. which is NOT what subscription services are about. the whole point is no commercials. but sure, if they can resist the temptation and do something ... more »

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all I can say is, it's a shame san diego isn't dry

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Savatgy seems to control the 450 with aggressive precision. he has new technique on the 450. I assure you Webb has him in the back of his mind. we have two Bradshaw-like riders, and boy did we need it.

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just a hunch this might happen, but I'd like to see Savatgy continue his rise to the front and start dicing it out with Webb. if it happens 2019 is going to become an even more interesting year quick. both the 17 and 2 bring the style, technique, and ... more »

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it’s a shame and seems to happen a lot more frequently at these west coast events. I would never book Anaheim for this reason, unless it was last minute. it may be time to consider venues only with closed roof options. also, for the sake of the sports ... more »

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Have Carmichael or some former pros talk about various things, that would be cool, but the whole point of subscription fees is zero commercials. It seriously needs to stay that way too, let’s not give them any ideas.

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nothing looks cooler than a “works Honda style” truly flat seat on a motocross bike.

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nice analysis, agreed on the similarity