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I thought AC might return but according to RacerX he’s still out, bummed.

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Will any of the previously injured riders be back for the Utah races now that we’ve been delayed for so long?

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Having them all sequence out in Glendale is a radical (in a good way) concept, and I’m all about it. It’s the right location, and just digging on the idea of it all staying under one roof for 2020, especially one in Arizona.

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just have them all compete on the MX vs ATV format for this season

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Here in Austin myself and stunning news. Hadn’t considered the ramifications for SX events but you have an interesting point.

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I agree he’s waiting calmly for his moment. we can argue how much time he has, but the guy has speed so if he’s playing a supercross rope-a-dope, it would be a historic strategy

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Billy Whitley raced these and got to see them first hand. They were super trick bikes, and still look the part today. Great find.

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I wish I’d taken time to build strength off the bike, so I could have better responded to the unexpected when on it.

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just curious, but what is the sudden interest in 722 this year? is there a story behind this, aside from him making a main? I'd think several other 3 digit riders have made mains in the last couple of years. what's got people talking about 722, even ... more »

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if only there was video of that. smh. how could no one have captured this?

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there’s something especially classic about this track tonight. the dirt looks better than a1 too.

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Great call. I’ve always thought that as well.

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Would his talent have transferred to Supercross?

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You’re saying St. Louis Honda’s were the same color as Anaheim? To me it looked blatantly different last weekend, I assumed it was for Susan Komen. Now I’m confused, will go back and compare to A1 but pretty sure last weekend was different level pink. ... more »

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It seems like riders have a career peaking moment (not one race but more like over 4-5 races) from which they could continue evolving into dominating, but when injured and that momentum is suddenly halted, they aren’t able to get back on that same train. ... more »

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What was with the time gaps back to everyone else? he was way way way out front. I don’t recall seeing anyone do that to the guys in this field in the last few years.

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well said, and yes agreed

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didn’t NBC Gold streaming start with A riders before?