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If Webb gets back on track, I hope he and Hill prove an interesting rivalry. Hill was simply stunning in those few 450 SX rides, and he and Webb have a similar race attitude. We need both of these guys to be on point, it will kick the sport back into ... more »

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Must be Osborne

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MX vs ATV Supercross, when dialed in (thanks to tips from Vital) simply is the best it's ever been imo. I bought a Ps4 only for this new game, so it's a $500 game, but after a week I set it down and haven't returned. The physics are so different, way ... more »

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so much cooler than anything in the last 10 years. and yes, 2005 was the year he came into the series and Carmichael (who, like Reed, was also on 2 strokes) said he knew Stewart was going to be a problem because of his talent and speed.

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it's a solid idea.

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....because the "more bikes stolen", "go big or go home", and "spoke with my wallet" posts are so enthralling.

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How much more innovation is possible though? Everything is so dialed now, it's almost a different sport. At some point, physics can't be bent any further. I'd like to believe it's still possible, but I don't think it will happen again like Hannah, Bradshaw, ... more »

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I just thought it was interesting that between the 2:00 - 2:27 mark they're explaining two ways of measuring success; that there is a difference between beng the "best" and the "greatest". I could be wrong but it seems like this sport's riders don't ... more »

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I think in some ways, boxing is the closest comparison to motocross. it's not a motorsport so much as an individual sport. 2:00 - 2:27 says it well. McGrath is the one guy who did both; he was the best in technique (in terms of moving the needle) and ... more »

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started with HRC Hondas 82-85. I always wondered why it took so long for the production bikes to adopt that. and yes, the 1999 KX250 had that, and what a sweet bike it was when we first saw it.

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here's the only video I know of (only a couple seconds at the 1:00 mark) of the greatest rivalry we never got to see. understanding Johnson's race personality, and equal aggression and speed of Damon Bradshaw, imo it would have been a season or two we'd ... more »

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Well, it's a new bike for one, and Hill, having nothing to lose, took their latest machine and proved his raw speed in Supercross. It follows that he'd do well outdoors on this thing.

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mph speed is not the point. 2 strokes are still the predatory sharks to 4 stroke lumbering whales. "A 450 four-stroke might be intimidating for some, but the KX500 powerplant produces a whole new level of terror in the untalented or unwary." ... more »

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The reason the tracks are this way now (as if it wasn't clear already) is "because of" the different machines. They didn't just change the tracks to try something new -- these design alterations and the 450 motor are inseparably linked.

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agreed. they're going for a race-forward aesthetic in the shroud/tank area but came up a bit short, mainly because of that odd, risen area and also after the shroud transitions to the tank, it kinda falls flat. All in all I've grown to like this look, ... more »

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This would have been a perfect morning to release official photos of the 2019 KXF450. Alas.

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His style looks like someone who spent the vast majority of his early life mountain biking.