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I'd like to see if Barcia or Webb could get away with this kind of move.

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You need to check out the adobe clay out here in SoCal. Jack hammer use isn't unusual, especially when time is money. I used a jack in my yard because of the high rock content in my area, compacted rock and dirt is legit.

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Why would a factory team use Rotella when they are paid to use a certain product and they get new oil and filters every race? Why bother with Rotella on a bike that gets a new clutch every race? Supercross bikes don't get more than 3 hours on them on ... more »

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Have you tried a google search? You want people to give you information THEY probably paid for or took the time to search google for themselves? All that work you're doing seems foolish to do without a manual.

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How hard did you look? What euffeh said. #6 here.

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Or tires either. Or is it tyres?

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I use something similar. ... more »

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Old fat guy here. The e-start is a life saver.

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Yeah, you'll wonder why you waited to do it. Do everything you are supposed to do in PT. Don't wuss out. I took a pretty good shot to my knee yesterday at Glen Helen. Like landing right on my knee. It was a little scary when I hit and for a few minutes ... more »

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Try Ken O'Conner racing in CT. He's been at it for a long time and has several videos of what he does to all bikes and quads. I wonder if RB Designs would give you his specs for a fee. Then almost any machine shop could do it for you.

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Does your garage floor slope to the door? Did you account for that in the construction? That bench would really work for me.

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The hubs are different part numbers. I would say no.

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I don't see it growing back your meniscus. Your fixed knee looks like my right knee did. You look like you are knock knee'd there too. You are in for a knee replacement.

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Lots of riders evolved and matured in the last year and a half. He is not in race shape physically or mentally. He's got the goods to get there and I hope he can keep his sponsors happy and doesn't get discouraged. I think it could be a while before ... more »

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Look into adding a fan. I don't know if you can add one straight away or if you need to mod your ignition and add a battery. I had an 05, seems like a tough bike to ride hare scrambles with because of the power delivery.

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Say what you want about DF, he is a badass out there.

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Get an MX Bonz airbox sealing kit. That generation of airboxes are leaky. I had an 05 and did a MX Bonz kit. This would give some peace of mind too.

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I've been riding since 1972 so long before braces. I didn't wear them until 2018 just before I had a total knee replacement. I've never been blazing fast but have had some hellacious wrecks and never had a knee injury from riding. Lucky? Probably. I ... more »

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Two long whoop sections in San Diego so Coop might struggle. When the series goes back east he could be a factor but he really needs to manage San Diego.