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I saw the Lawrence brothers at Glen Helen over the summer and went to say hi. They had just come off the track. Their dad was going over the bikes while they cooled off and hydrated/snacked. Dad no sooner tightened up the gas caps and those guys got ... more »

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There's doctors out there too. Nobody's license on the line but theirs. I've done the POC before, especially when someone had no movement or feeling in the legs. Not more than a couple times though.

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YMCA should be have tax exempt status and doesn't need dozers and water trucks to operate. I'll bet their insurance is a hell of a lot cheaper too. Who ever it was has the BMOC type of entitlement going on. Wants to ride on a track that has restrictions ... more »

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People want made in America until they have to pay for made in America.

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What are you putting it on?

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You cannot half-ass your training. You must full ass it if you want some success and self satisfaction.

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Ok, so what does "So, yeah..." mean?

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Oh hell, you get one too. It's just one of those days.

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I don't see Tomac as a bromance kind of guy. has he ever been seen hanging out with anybody or any group of guys? He's a lone wolf.

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I can't help myself. Anyone that comments on their thumbs down gets a thumbs down from me regardless of post content.

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This is just me but I prefer to have work done where I can see what's going on. I've never had any 4 stroke work done but he has worked on my YZ465. He's kind of an old school tuner. He started out as a mold maker or machinist I think. A buddy of mine ... more »

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Can you pot the VIN or a portion? If it has been stripped, that would be the only way to be sure.

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In 6th or 7th grade we were trying to make our own rocket engines, the bigger the better. What we were making was pipe bombs. Jimmy Baldwin saved us because somehow he knew we had to have a slow burn. It's a godd thing we never got anything to burn faster ... more »

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There are plenty of privateer that would ride for expenses. I think the big costs are in the R&D it takes to get the bikes to AMA Pro level. It would be nice to see though. KTM owns 60% of Gas Gas now so who knows?

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Everything is different from bike set up to riding style, line selection, track layout and prep, television influence. It would be nice but I think our run is done. Throw in rider apathy. SX is where the money is. The manufacturers value SX titles more ... more »

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I don't see how. We don[t have the heart for it. SX will prevent from ever improving at MX on the world stage. Nobody wants to be a world champ. Any Americans over there now are there because they can't get a ride here. What was What is Coopers excuse ... more »

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Vitard looking for a CR250: What? That turd isn't worth more than $1800. Vitard selling a CR250: Fresh top end, $345,775 OBO.

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I usually check to see where I can get good service after the sale. I had a great dealer that went under. I bought a Husky because one of the guys rode a Husky in WORCS and did some testing with factory Husky off road team. They were a HON/KAWA/YAMA ... more »

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MOTO RELATED - Jeannie Seely is Cole Seely's great aunt. I got that from his dad earlier this year at a REM race.

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I think you have it completely right. All you gotta do is look at the the "cheapest" buys on anything here. Cheap bastards that will drive 200 miles to save $100. A couple of those customers a week will sour you pretty fast.