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At about 9 minutes he gets into pulling the clutch and shift shaft out. Don't forget a new shift shaft seal.

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Gas is such a bad idea. There are no small accidents when shit goes wrong with gas. I use mineral spirits then Dawn dishwash liquid and then air dry. Maxima filter oil for my Twinairs.

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Probably pump gas. I run VP T4 and the plug is light tan, almost beige and no deposits.

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You need to explain more about fighting the shock. What kind of movement? Front or rear? Maybe get a good sag setting, go back to stock and start over, one adjuster at a time. What MXA did with their 125. Have you considered maybe servicing your suspension? ... more »

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Are you testing with the PV cover off? Maybe that cover and gasket will help. How much pressure are you using?

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It was probably in 1970 or around there. I went to Claude Osteen MC park to watch a friend ride his Green Streak 100 around and there was a race going on.

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I'd like to see a video our guys practicing on a track that hard and dry. I'm sure Jeffrey was there on purpose.

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Glen Helen. Lots of top pros hated it for a variety of reasons.

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Rocky Mountain again. I had an order in on Thursday night, at my door on Monday afternoon. They have a warehouse in Winchester KY. so they should be able to get parts to you pretty quick. The other thing you can do is take your seals to a local seal ... more »

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Titles, it's all about the titles. Dungey was retired before Tomac won his first SX title. Raw speed doesn't mean as much to me because like Ricky Bobby says "If you ain't first, yer last".

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If they are laying on the left I would probably leave them there. If they are on their back and puke you could cause a lot of problems with their airway. Helmet removal if you are experienced with that and only for trauma to the face, altered mental ... more »

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Had that on my 99 YZ400. I got a Dremel cutoff wheel between the axle nut and washer to cut the axle but your method looks like it might have been faster.

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Tokyo mods didn't do it for me. Twisted was a very noticeable and worthwhile improvement.

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Go to and look up the motor. You can click on the part number and it will give you a cross reference. If the cases are the same then you have a good start. After that it is mounts and stuff like that.

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I think he just wants a moto themed mask. I dunno, I could be wrong.

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Not all helmets work on all heads, I can't wear a Shoei or some Bells. My 6D is for me, the best helmet I've worn. It's a great product that doesn't work for you. I did try on a friends Arai and I might be able to try one of those.

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Agree, when you pay for insurance to replace the crank, it gets way up there.

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I just happened to have some 3M in my tool box.

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I'm either going to scuff up the bar or use friction tape and reglue it. I don't see how safety wire can improve contact since a couple wire strands don't seem like it could improve the bearing surface all that much but I might as well cover all the ... more »

Started new thread Grips Slipping 7/24/2020 10:03 AM

I switched from ODI lock on grips to Renthal Aramid Dual compound grips and used their glue and the grip slowly spins on the clutch side of the bar. I can't feel it moving but it was obvious what was happening. This is happening after 2 rides. I am using ... more »

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