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I bought a Santa Cruz Bullit and love it! The bike rips. I bought it used on and saved thousands. Good source for used bikes.

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Fly racing youth size 20 pants and gloves FREE

HJC Youth size Medium helmet with replacement visor $20 EVS youth neck collar brace, brand new with tags, $20 Leatt 2.0 Fusion Youth L/XL chest protector / neck brace, cost ... more »

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Blake Baggett / Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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My son was ready for a 65 so I decided to get this big wheel kit: Battery life isn't as good and power is slightly robbed

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Mad Skillz! He needs to do the Kevin Windham opening ceremonies Supercross transfers for us. I miss those! He would take it to the next level!

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Pretty cool! I'd like to see one with OHV only...

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I have a 2018 ktm 150sx and weigh about 155, 42 yrs. vet int. I am only running about 123psi in the forks for vet tracks.

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My favorite bike to ride. I'm 42 and like you raced 125s back in the day. Nothing better than just duct taping your right hand wide open and fanning the clutch! 2018 KTM SX150

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Looks a little funky but I love the 150lb light weight and seeing other manufacturers coming to the table. My second bike is an Alta and electric is definitely in the future, maybe not super near but near...

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Shouldn't be an issue if you have the MSO. I used to buy crated bikes from Canada back in the day and had no problem selling them with the MSO...

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I still like mine better...

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He's helped me out big before.

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I ride both. Same work out, but I'll admit I have more fun on the E bike... Faster, cover way more miles, and hill climb like you're on a dirt bike! It's now just as fun uphill as downhill. I posted a positive comment.

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I'll send you a personal message with my buddy's contact info. He has an extra brand new E10 that he said he could part with. He has experience with affordable shipping too.

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For my kids: Oset 12.5: age 2 to 5 (w/ the low seat height it's great for trail riding so they don't tip it over) Torrot E10: age 5 to 8 (current son 6) Torrot E12: age 6 to 9 (current daughter 8) KTM SX E: age 5 to 10 (current son 10)

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I paid $2000 shipped for the E10. Not sure what the new ones are going for.

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I bought mine from Bill's Motorcycles in Salem Oregon and had them shipped. My buddy got in touch with a rep down here and got his from him for really cheap. The new ones are cool because you can easily swap out the battery. I also like the fact that ... more »

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Here has been the progression for all 3 of my kids. I started them out on the Oset 12.5 when they were 2 years old, then to the Torrot E10, then the Gas Gas E12, and now my oldest the KTM SX E. The KTM is bad ass. Before I bought it I spoke with Danger

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In the middle of Suburbia...

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