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rider 114 got penalised after the race from top 10 to 19th by the AMA I believe

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Probably more in response to JW381. The P51 is considered the number 2 design (comp2 design see bottom centre of picture in the box near the FX logo) So it appears a lot of people are voting for the P51 graphics

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For Australians it is LIVE on ESPN2 at 12.30PM AEDT Sunday the 15th October

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I know technically they were a 3 man team but how many times in the last 3 years have all 3 riders been racing?

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Why wouldn't he tattoo his own last name

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Not sure about the championship question but if they did have any it wouldn't be many. a young guy by the name of Jett Burgess-Stevens from Tasmania Australia is riding one over there this week in 2 classes and pulled a decent holeshot in one of his ... more »

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Will this affect Tony Alessi at MCR?

Started new thread Alessi & Friese not returning to MCR?? 8/2/2017 5:16 PM

Reading through Matthes observations of Washougal and in the paragraph about Bogle he mentions that Alessi and Friese wouldn't be returning to Moto Concepts. If this is old news I apologise but it caught me off guard a little

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I enjoyed Washougal last year, it was my 2nd national with the other one being Hangtown back in 2011. Hangtown was better for staying in the one spot and being able to see a fair bit of the track but walking around Washougal to different sections was ... more »

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There is a lack of podium photos showing these yellow skirts you guys keep talking about

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This is what I think of when I see the OP's photo

Started new thread Chad Reed seems interested in renewing with Yamaha 5/15/2017 9:21 PM Just posted but sounds like Chad Reed wants to renew with Yamaha

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So many people saying "who cares" and that he should "retire"... I think Chad deserves the right to go out when he wants to (2 x supercross champion and lost what 4 by less than 10 points). Why should he give up his ride to a younger person if he is ... more »

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Will joey get a penalty of any sort for not rejoining the track where he should have? Missed half the rhythm section and corner plus some whoops

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I say Tomac stays at Kawi, Savatgy or Hill then take Grants spot, the one that misses that spot then gets a chance with RCH. Osborne joins Wilson and Anderson on 450s and Husky shut up their Lites programme after both Davalos and Osborne point out of ... more »

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When I went to Washougal last year, myself and the wife got the VIP tickets and really enjoyed it. It gave us somewhere to sit down in the shade, had TVs playing the races so we could check positions if we wanted, they provided lunch, we got an event ... more »

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After he rides with rockstar husky we can add Dean Wilson to this list. Don't ask me why I thought of this thread when driving home last night, I will never understand how the brain works

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At least it wasn't his throttle hand/wrist/arm and he will be able to twist the throttle properly once he returns to the bike

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I think Reed was saying he was "in" on Fox doing another Terrafrima...