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Ricky was awful and Ralph substandard as usual. They're don't have a clue about anyone outside of the top 5. Nothing but silence during the LCQ races besides an occasional "he's got a good run going there" Everyone needs to go excel Will and Daniel Blair. ... more ยป

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The new Norco e bikes look really good. $5399 for a carbon e bike isn't bad at all compared to the new Levos.

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It's weird Denver tickets are pretty cheap actually. I picked up some pretty good seats for $45 plus fees. I guess they didn't want to push their luck the first year in a new market?

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Practice is technically "qualifying"

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Pretty sure it's the new fly helmet that just came out or is about to be launched.

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Nice work Vital. I've listened to them all. The Payton one is probably my favorite. I had never heard the story of how was injured.

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I heard talk of Dean not getting the Husky ride possibly because of Roger being in charge of both now with his new position. Once you let Roger down you're pretty much dead to him it seems.

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Agreed you can't just bolt a random engine into a chassis and expect it to handle good. There is a lot of engineering that goes into these bikes by people a lot smarter than us.

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Start with replacing Roger. Clearly we need a big change. We mine as well take next year off. That will be an even worse ass kicking

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I can't imagine how the bike that is the heaviest, slowest, kick start, and has unbalanced suspension lost. Clearly a conspiracy in play here folks.

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ET is faster but you have a point. For the 19 ktms being so much better according to tests the factory boys haven't really improved and especially baggett doesn't look comfortable.

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Motor sounds the same. I'm a little worried the engine hasn't changed enough.

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Air quality is probably an issue. It's smokey in Colorado Springs 5 hours away and he's 40 minutes away.

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Funky colors, if all of the rockstar editions aren't gone yet I'm guessing they will quickly sell out. Something has really gone sideways in the husky design center.

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Good except for the cheesy clapping and laughing drops. They've got to stop that.

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Last year you had to have the all day pit pass to go to the podium because of where they placed it. Pits are right next to the track and actually give you viewing you can't otherwise get. I'd spring for the all day pit pass for sure.

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Not sure there is a conspiracy in play here but the coverage was terrible. Why put on the event if you're not going to cover it worth a damn? I had to dig like crazy to get any sort of results.

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Shorter = less bottom Longer = More bottom Or do I have that backwards?

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Hate to be that guy but how did he die? Alcohol poisoning? Kidney failure?

Started new thread Seely coming back or hanging it up? 5/11/2018 2:40 PM

Any idea if Cole is coming back or hanging it up? On the pulp show it sure sounded like he wasn't coming back for sure and thinks the sport is too dangerous right now.

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