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Years back I had the same problem but on a KTM 250SX. Later in a moto under wide open throttle it would cut out briefly. It ended up being the ball in the fuel cap creating a vapor lock. I removed the ball and the problem went away. It would be a simple ... more »

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I'll take the chassis mounts. I sent you an email.

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Please message me at I am interested.

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I will take a GYTR knuckle anodized red for a YZ250F. What lengths are the dark red anodized pullrods?

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My dirtbike for the street. It's a Ducati 1100 Hypermotard and picked it up for less than a new 250f.
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I keep seeing the pros running 110/90/19 inch tires in the outdoor nationals in the 250f class. This was a definite NO back in the 125 days. Any one try running the wider tire on a 250f and did you like it? Are they running the 250f rim or the wider ... more »

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Hillbilly is probably right! Thanks for all the comments. Any horror stories of breaking a clavicle with a plate on it?

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I broke my right collarbone 2 weeks ago, (right in the middle) and now its overlapping 23mm or almost an inch. I met with the same doctor who plated my left collarbone 5 years ago. The first visit she measures the distance that the bone is displaced ... more »

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I'm working on a 09 CRF450 and when I pulled the tank, fuel kept running out of the bottom. I'm pretty sure that the fuel pump isn't supposed to let fuel pass unless the fuel pump is running. Can anyone confirm this? I installed a new Honda fuel filter ... more »

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That Yamaha held up well considering a bone cold motor to full blown national speed without cold seizing! Was anyone else nervous about that?

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New One Industries helmet with MIPS, size large. I messed up and should of got a medium. $400 retail will sell for $210 shipped to your door in continental US. Email me if you would like to purchase.

Flo yellow with chrome, sharp helmet. Thanks! ... more »

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It's all the Jimmy Johns....freaky fast! Switching my diet today....

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reded, shoot me an email to: This way I can send you some good photos, pricing and info. I noticed you were looking for a 01 CR250 pipe. I have a FMF SST pipe if thats of interest too. Thanks!

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I have the following parts available for sale at reasonable prices for a 99 CR250 *Frame *Forks and triple clamps *Rear shock *gas tank *Linkage *Swingarm *Subframe *2 seats and misc plastics *Wheels *Brake assembly Engine parts for a 2003 CR250 including ... more »

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BRD Motorcycles out of San Francisco, read this:

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It can break down over time and plug up your fuel filter or carb. I removed it from a used bike and it just crumbled. It was "motorcycle specific" to be used in a gas tank, unfortunately I don't recall the brand. You will never see me running gas tank ... more »

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Bought this one several years ago as a basket case for $900. Had to share a photo!
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CTech Manufacturing does v-nose cabinets all the time. Two sample photos. ... more »
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Looking at the break my guess would be 6 weeks. They had mine peppered with 13 screws and managed to break a screw driver tip off as well. No problem spinning wrenches or doing all my normal activities. I roofed my house 4 months after my accident. It ... more »