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What does it matter if a few deadshits try to scam the system though? It seems perverse to not properly fund programs and actually give help to those who need it just because someone might get something they aren't supposed to.

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I'd suggest that if entering that league was free there won't be any prizes. Makes sense to me.

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He used his FMX career as a marketing tool to build several successful brands. I'd wager that fuck all of his money has come from competition success.

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Fantastic bikes.

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Some of you lot will find absolutely anything to get offended about.

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It'd be interesting having that conversation with his employer...

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Good effort by Beaton. It's been a good meeting so far. Big balls Beni looked fucking great in EMX250.

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Can you rotate the clamp?

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Apart from when Egan Mastin won the championship on a two stroke.

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I own a pretty trick 2012 YZ125 but if I was buying a new 125 it would have to be a KTM. Those things have a hell of a motor.

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Earliest that surgery can be performed is the 21st. The limb has to be stabilised first.

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New grips, cut down freestyle seat, dented pipe.

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I've been informed by Sheepy that it was a tyre lever not a piece of tyre lol.

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This thread is wild but it does make it easier to see why America is in the situation that it's in. Keep defunding your public schools lol.

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I'm having trouble finding an extended shift lever for my RMZ. I have a size 14 and have always run the hammerhead +20. I see that they only offer a lever for the 450. Will this fit the 250 or does anyone know of any other options? Thankyou.

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Sales are booming in Australia. The main dealer near me had their biggest month ever last month.

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Because part of the sport is the work done by the factories and engineers. If one group does a great job and builds an amazing bike they deserve the benefit of that.

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It's not really fair to compare everyone to Stew though. He was a generational talent. Arguably the greatest little bike rider of all time.

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Fuck yeah dude. It must be the week for it. I picked up a fresh RMZ250 this week.