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There are so many unknowns going into's going to be an exciting first few rounds while everyone settles into the season.

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Think it's going down at 2pm local SLC time.

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Is there an official start time? I keep looking at the live timing for it to start.

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When AC92 got hurt, Broc was also hurt himself from a recent at-that-time practice crash.

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I thought this was going to be an interview. Is thi/ just a copy and paste of his Instagram captions?

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No kidding, definitely had to put some effort in to get through the doors. Too funny!

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I was coming in hot to say same thing! Keep Daniel in the booth!

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I have to imagine he has a gearing set-up to assist in getting solid starts....if so, he has to be giving up some speed on other areas of the track.

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Wishing BB4 was in racing shape....and interested in coming back.

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I just bought a new-to-me 2017 450 XCF. I already have a '16 KTM 350 XCF. Conservatively speaking, I can get ~30 mpg on the 350; I've easily gotten 60+ miles on stock tank. Does anyone know what they get on the 450 XCF for MPG? I assume it won't be as ... more »

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Be sure to give the Leatt Dual Axis knee guards a try. I've tried braces and just didn't work for me. After looking around for just the right amount of protection and solid feel/comfort , these have been the best for me. White is o sale right now at ... more »

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I was surprised that Connor had qualified for the final after not crossing the finish line. If Connor and anyone else had already qualified for the final, why even line-up? Or if you need to at least roll off the gate and start, why not just roll around ... more »

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Dr. Waslewski did the ACL replacement for my wife, she had an awesome experience/recovery, much better recovery than I did from a non-sports oriented doctor that did mine. He's the head team physician for the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks and ... more »

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Rider A should receive either a DNF (must take the checkered flag to be scored) or a DSQ for cutting the track to take the checkered flag.

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Boom....she nailed it once again. Hard to believe she is only 14 years old and has such a powerful voice.

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Chicken skin! So awesome to see!

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Similar to why they don't provide highlights for MotoGP, MotoAmerica, IMSA, GT World Challenge America, etc.

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#6 Bailey

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Is there a way to listen/watch the post-race press conference live?