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seeing him ride practice days at starwest (now state fair mx) , Elsinore, on his 125 was insane in the early 2000's. 450 motos at Glen Helen on the Kawasaki during the undefeated season was poetry in motion. Lucky enough to have been working with Red ... more »

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I know its apples to oranges, but its crazy that 5 mil a year for one of the best to ever do it, is a big deal. A friend of mine who is a backup catcher in MLB makes that much money and you've never heard of him.

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pretty sure you'll see him working with GasGas TLD boys.

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Besides going to the races for work for a few years, I would have been fine if I never saw a race again after witnessing these guys battle in person in the stadium and at an outdoor or two. To witness James' 2 motos at GH on the Kawasaki 450 the year ... more »

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I had a 2018 Rav4 for a work vehicle. Put a Uhaul tow hitch on it, harbor freight Joe Hauler.. Moto'd every weekend, never had an issue, besides the car being completely gutless.

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Wheres Jarid and the bears?

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We have had one of these bikes in the family for years for whoever goes out on a weekend with us without a personal bike. They are bulletproof, and literally can haul ass if you ride it properly on the trails with the 250/450's. This video is bad ass. ... more »

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Step 1. Record the race. Step 2. Stay off social media and Vital day of race. Step 3. Enjoy your Saturday and Saturday night however you please. Step 4. Watch the race Sunday morning , fast forward through all of the stupid commercials, heat races, watch ... more »

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Blair is the first "modern" era retired racer turned broadcaster who is well spoken and a friggin natural in the booth since David Bailey. 250 class, pretty thin. Awesome to see Jett progressing before our eyes though, should be a fun battle in the main ... more »

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The ones near my neighborhood have this really awesome Sqwawwwwwking sound as they reverse. Lovely in the mornings!

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my god, after seeing some of these pics you guys need to get out of the house more

come down to Newport beach and go for a 10 minute walk.
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As someone in my 30's who has played moto games since excitebike.. I can say this one feels just like the others pretty much as far as MES2/3 go. The tracks look worse, the woops are the only improvement there. No usable ruts, berms stay the same entire ... more »

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What a slap in the face to Daniel who is a great reporter, also raced, to have some clueless guy holding a pit board for a rider in 18th place. Also, to anybody who thinks this guy is helping educate new viewers... do you really think theres random people ... more »

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Was not referring to the NBA, said former champions in post race interviews. But, I agree with you there. Just cringe to see someone who is "one of the faces" of the sport who is a sore loser, and not a gracious winner.

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I don't think theres ever been a former champion in any sport who is more bi polar with their post race interviews than a Roczen win or Roczen non win interview. When he wins, everything is perfect, just how he planned it. When he loses, he blames everybody ... more »

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Have been blown away with the lack of a thorough and transparent protocol on this issue in SX. Also the broadcast showing the guys battling for 5/6/7th place on the bigger screen while Anderson passes for the lead in the heat is just another example ... more »

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Could do without any sideline reporting to be honest, Blair should be in the booth. I record the races, tune in an hour or two after they start, stay off my social media, fast forward the commericals, SX science segment, and any other bullshit and just ... more »

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Fox used to be the best looking stuff, by far. Now it all looks the same.

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Castillo ranch is private. Throw a paddle on and ride pismo during the week, or make friends with someone from paso who will show you the local spots. Other than that, you gotta come south. I went to college there for 4 years and was lucky that Zaca ... more »

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Crime on my end, truly. Big John's cooking is on another level.. So much that we bought him a Trager Grill as a token of our appreciation after the first season we spent with them. His dedication to the entire operation there is hard to put into words ... more »