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If the reading glasses don't work go see an eye doctor. Looks like you got a good helmet. I didn't accept I needed glasses till I couldn't get my eyes to focus on gun sights (iron sights). Sometimes we don't notice how bad things are except in particular ... more »

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That bike you bought for 10k 7 years ago would be over 11k today. You can't expect them to keep taking your 10k year after year.

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So anyone touching $Hood? IMO its crazy overvalued but clearly has meme potential.

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I use a hot plate in the garage. You could pick up a used toaster oven for cheap. Keep the dirty/stinky stuff away from the food.

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Just got home. Can't watch 250 moto 1 because moto 1s are live and rewinding isn't an option. How is this still an issue?

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I love this extended peace detour. Guess the US hasn't been in the middle east for nearly 20 years. Not counting that whole storm deal. Oh man and Vietnam? Korea? Does the cold war count as peace time? What about all these terrorist groups that seemed ... more »

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Dude put on a cowboy hat and had people fly him into low orbit. Not really the American dream. Also he's just an unlikable man. Got one of them punchable faces.

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I use to but haven't done much at all lately. Premiums got so high I couldn't justify it and now the market just isn't moving like I expect. If you write the options, you win when the market moves sideways. When you own the options, you're just burning ... more »

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Should be able to swap a 2.3 in. Just use the older lima 2.3 not the duratech 2.3 Do your research first. Might be a different flywheel/clutch. Everything else ought to be the same.

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Casing jumps? The first wreck I had after dropping the 250f for a 150 smoker was accidentally turning a double double into a triple single. Technically I cased the jump. But that was from wayy over jumping.

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Can you elaborate for those of us that aint listened yet?

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Meanwhile I have a package thats been sitting at the local FedEx office for a week with no estimated delivery date. Talked to customer service "its proceeding through our system and will be delivered in a timely manner." 😂 Whatever. Its just LEGOs to ... more »

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Yes cheaper to make the final frame.

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But its like 115*F in Canada.

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FedEx is the top of your list?

I guess if you like boxes thrown at your house and trucks turning around in your grass they're ok
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Not just seashells but using salt water. With that said I tried looking at pictures of rebar and it looked ok to me. My figuring is a sinkhole that compromised the building, and damage was swept under the rug 1 too many times. I saw something that the ... more »

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Take the tongue off if it aint hooked up to a trailer? And put wipe the pins in grease, a good moly grease might make these idiots stop.


Happens when we got for profit prisons and budget cuts. Nonviolent people are cheaper to lock up.