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On any Sunday.

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Hope they got a few weeks severance pay to hold them over before the unemployment checks start showing up.

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350 at Costco, could change stickers to KTM or repaint red and add Gas Gas graphics also.
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The is a company in Colorado that makes some very nice cycling gear products.

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Ohlins TTX cartridge kit with springs is like 1200$

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I use to live in LA county. During the 93 riots there was 7 pm curfew. Maybe time for a curfew again.

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Rescheduled to mid October.

Started new thread Brabec wins Sonora Rally by 50 seconds 3/21/2020 8:05 AM

Brabec was down a minute going into the last day.

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78 390 CR

first production bike with Ohlins
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Maybe there will be SX races after the outdoor series like the way it was in the 70’s. Lucky if the outdoor season starts by mid June. Logistical challenging times.

Started new thread The Sonora Rally is still on for next week 3/14/2020 7:51 PM Brabec has signed up for this one

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Also Husky, GG and Moto Morini

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100 percent stock bikes in the 250 class and claiming rule of 20k in the 450 class. Stock means spring changes and grips only.

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A 150 with a VHM head and SX insert adds a lot more mid range power. I rarely ride my 350. !50 is alot more fun. Not a racer, just a trail rider.

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If CA. has a surplus, why are their roads full of potholes?

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Kurt won a few Enduro Cross titles for his class.

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Desert race track

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KYB suspension a big plus.